What is psychology? Know your mental health

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What is psychology? What is a mental illness /disorder? And what you can do to promote mental health? Are these questions attracting your interests or you are just shocked to know the existence of these questions?

Yes, these questions are new in our society so obviously, we take these questions for granted.  Don’t worry, I am going to answer all the queries. In the end, you will know the importance of psychology in our daily life.

What is psychology?

Psychology has been seen with too many misbelieves or illusions since ancient times. At present, the condition is better but still, we have so much work to do Join this field for further betterment.

Psychology is all about a scientific study on the human mind and animal behavior and the way their minds work.
This is a systematic study of cognitive-behavioral based on the mental process of past experiences.

Myths about Psychology:

As a psychology student, I often hear a question “if you are a psychology student then you can read my mind. Can you?”

This is always a big question mark on the education, understanding, and awareness of psychology in urban as well as rural areas. Proper education is must otherwise those who need phycological help would suffer throughout their life. And we just would be unaware of their pain.

Urban vs Rural: Who is lacking in mental health awareness?

I have seen most urban people shifting their excuses to rural people for being unaware of mental health awareness.
If you also think the urban areas are better than rural areas on mental health awareness.  So, I am sorry to ask you a question.

Why suicidal cases are very high in urban areas as compare to rural areas. Even, children so attempt suicide in large scale in urban areas.

Silence over mental health:

What is not common as per society, put on silence over it. This has been our tendency no matter how much some of our beloved ones suffer.

I don’t understand why parents are not comfortable to talk about mental health /illness? Why people who suffer from depression, don’t share their problems and avoid to take any help for their mental wellbeing?

Why do parents hide if there is something inappropriate with their children’s behavior? There are so many possible ways to deal with these issues but first, we have to accept that there is a problem. And for that, we have to talk.

History of Psychology

Psychology is considered

What is psychology theory?

When was the first time you introduce with psychology and the concept of mental health? Ok, let me share my story to you first. I had been just taking admission in the first year of my graduation when psychology drew my interest.

My peers used to tell me that what is psychology! Is an easy subject. So, I choose it one of my subjects. I didn’t take it seriously at first. But when I accidentally start studying it, I realized that I should have known about it much earlier.

I think we should start psychology as a subject from the 6th grade as that time our personality starts taking shape.

We should teach to a child the importance of physical as well as mental health. Taking help for mental illness from a psychiatrist is as okay as you take the help of a doctor while having a viral fever or any other physical problem.

Tell me your story on the comment box when you encountered with psychology. And what do you think about it?

Benefits of mental health consciousness

If we will start taking mental health on a serious note, we are going to have many benefits and be a hero in the eyes of our beloveds for sure. Let’s discuss the advantage if we are conscious of mental health.

  1. You will find why self-love and self-care are so important.
  2. Just in case if you or your loved one is facing any mental illness issue. You feel less difficult to deal with the situation because you will not feel alone.
  3. Learning the importance of why it is ok to take help for mental health.
  4. Be an active part of society on making aware the people about mental health.
  5. Becoming more comfortable while talking.
  6. If you know the richness of psychology, you love to choose it as a career option

How can we promote psychology or mental health?

Up till now, you could have understood the urgency of mental health awareness. It is not just about saving your beloved one but a disruptive change in society.

  • Arrange some extra classes for mental health and make it exciting with the help of your
    creativity. Psychology and creativity are sisters. The more creative you are, the more you can understand psychology.
  • You can arrange some drama act with the theme of psychology /mental health issue.
  • You can arrange a meeting with parents at the end of the month and discuss parenting and basic concept about mental health. And clear mental health doesn’t mean being crazy.
  • Schools should arrange a tour in which the normal children can connect with special children. It will help to
    develop a less biased environment in favor of the children who are facing mental illness. Because it hurts when someone treats you special due to your abnormality.
  • The government should help to arrange mental health camp as they help to arrange physical health
    camp. And apply it in government as well as private schools.
  • Promote NGOs which are working for the wellbeing of mental health and NGO should give the chance to the students who are interested in working for psychology or mental health.

Some non-traditional methods:

  • Social media is the best option to promote mental health. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, tweeter.
  • You can reach to the people very easily with the help of these social media platforms. Here you can share your experience or your knowledge about psychology and mental health.
  • You can write a blog if you love to do. Use youtube, it is one of the best options to aware people about mental health.  Make effective and useful content to connect your public with your theme.
  • Go and get together with people and know what they think about mental health and psychology.
  • You can donate us so that money will be no problem in such generous work.

Till now we have understood that what is psychology. Please share your views on the comment box. It will help us to know whether our effort to aware people about mental health care is in the right direction. Do you want us to cover other topics about psychology please share these in the comment box too?

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