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TRANSGENDER MENTAL HEALTH  is important. In Indian society birth  of a male child is like achieving all your goals. Everything is going well. Child is growing like most of the other child but suddenly you realize your boy is not behaving or acting like a every normal boy or girl ( so called normal according to society ).  Because most of  us can not digest 12/13 year old boy wearing his mummy lipstick and dripping sari instead of playing cricket or football or any other games boys love to play. Right?

As a society knowingly or unknowingly, we did so many unwanted behavior with transgenders. Now this is our responsibility to create a healthy environment for them.  In which they at least will not suffer for their basic rights . 

Gender dysphoria

What happened when you try to plant a lotus in a desert or cactus in a wet  area. Will they grow ? No right!  Because they both grow in different conditions. In the same way, we all are  like flowers. We all need different conditions to grow.

Gender dysphoria is a condition in which person feels conflict between a physical and assigned gender.  The gender with he/she / they identify themselves. First of all clear your mind that this is any kind of mental disability.  They face lots of comfortableness too. May be they feel strong desire to be opposite gender. Or use cloths and hairstyle and  adopt a new name to express their true self . They may disconnect with assigned gender.

Impact of Not Understanding them One of You:

Because of that they face lots  of misbehavior and bullying from the surrounding.  Now they start isolating  themselves and start ignoring socially gathering . They suffer from low self-esteem and emotional breakdown, depression, anxiety, stress etc etc .  Unfortunately most of  them  couldn’t complete their schooling and graduation because of so much  unwanted behavior and in so many case they end of their life . 

Transgender mental health issues

We have so many misconceptions about transgenders like about their sexuality, their biological aspects, and about their identity. We label them with so many names like Guud, Mamu, chaka etc . but we never get close to them and never try to understand their aspects.  Forget about their mental health issues. Most of us never talk to them politely. They face so much rejection from their family , friends , society.  Even they face  lots of discrimination, hate, sexual harassment , domestic violence and what not .

Even in every day they have to fight for their very basic  needs like for public washroom, restroom in college or any public place, while traveling.  In many hospital they suffer for their treatment. When person going through all of this  depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and lots of emotional blockages are obvious.

Transgender community suffers from the mental health issues in higher level rather than any one and they attempt  suicide in large level . But who cares?


I personally believe that family is our strongest support system. Problem starts when the family fails to understand their child. Specially for the transgender things, it is quite tough. A boy behaving like a girl, love to were sari , jhumka , lipstick. But most of us can’t digest.

Discrimination starts  from the childhood in the society. That has created unwanted norms like how a boy child should behave, how a girl child should behave. Even they discriminate in toy games, clothes and for their company their comfortable and enjoying things.

Whats wrong if a boy like to play with dolls:

If a boy child love to  play with dolls and kitchen set,  enjoining and comfortable in the company of females rather than playing cricket, football and any muscular activity,  so many of us bully  them and not accepting them for their behavior and the way they act.

But believe me socially acceptance is secondary. Child always look for their family’s support, acceptance, and love. Trust me their eyes is only on  you (family member) when in family function someone is bullying  them, laughing at them, and teaching them how should they act or behave like a man or  according to their sexuality.

They only are looking for that you raise your voice in the favor of them when you find them in uncomfortable situation. In the case of transgender, very few are lucky to get support from their family and loved ones that all humans deserve. But unfortunately most of the family don’t accept them transgender face lots of  discrimination, insulate , bullying behavior from their family members.  This is the biggest reason they left their family and join their ghrana ( community). What is big failure or a slap in our face as a society. We are  in a 21st century  and still we are  judging  each other from  sexual identity. This puts a big question mark on us as an Ideal society. 


Concept of a transgender is not new in our culture. Shikhandi  in Mahabharata is well known as a great transgender fighter. Ardhnareswar avatar of Shiva and Mohini avatar of Vishnu are  very famous character. Our culture is very rich and we accept all the color. But for the Transgender our attitude is not so welcoming.

We people are not so much educated about their physical and mental well-being.  Maybe we never try to let them our close and listen their side of story. Every human deserve a equal opportunity in the education, in job and  in every  basic things. 

The point is what we can do as a society for them 

*In the very first point change your attitude towards Transgender and be kind 

* Educate yourself.  don’t confuse with their identity

*Don’t bully and insult them or if you find other person is bullying and misbehaving with them try to stop them 

*Help them in their education if you can 

*Try to give them job opportunity

* Talk with them politely

* Give them respect, show some love and support to them 

Open your mind with all the possible ways and try to listen every human beings with us in our psychology journey with HealthKaksha. Read more articles  on psychology that will expose your minds to the reality.

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