Suicidal feelings: End of All Hopes

Suicidal feelings End of All Hopes
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Suicidal feelings are the big causes of death in India. Around eight lakh people commit suicide every year worldwide and 17% among them are from India.

Here in India, the economical section, reason, and ages rang of people committing suicide are different from the western world. So, there needs a different solution to prevent suicides.

In India, mostly seen that farmers and students take such kind of extreme steps to kill themselves. But many other cases can’t be denied for attempting suicide.

What are suicidal feelings and suicidal behavior?

Suicide means self -murder. A word can give goosebumps to anyone when one finds the closer one attempted it. At that time you feel how can’t you recognize the pain behind his smile. Many times we fail to understand the darkest part behind a smile. We don’t believe our listenings. He is a friend in need but forget that sometimes a helpful person also needs help.

In his friends’ circle, he doesn’t find even a single person to whom he can share his problem. The family has no idea about the change in the behavior pattern. Can you feel the pressure what makes him decide to end the rest of his life?

Mark A. Charles

Recently I read a news about suicide case “ Indian student commits suicide due to failure to get a job”. His name was Mark A. Charles he was the student of IITH ( Indian institute of technology Hyderabad ). This was the saddest news. Personally, I was very upset. I was thinking of how many people are there who need help for their mental health but not have even a single person to talk. Or they are not comfortable because people will judge them.

So, let’s come straight to the point on Charles suicide: He has poor grades and finds difficult to find a job. He left a suicidal note for his family.

Last Words:

“I never thought I would end up letting all of you down. Do not miss me. I don’t deserve it I am not worthy. Just know that I love you all back just the way you did because that is what friends do right? And also I am not doing this because I am sad now…

I don’t have a job probably wouldn’t get one. No one hires a loser. It’s amazing to look at my grade sheet a few more alphabets and it will look like an alphabet chart.

I have a dream, just like everyone, but now it’s pretty empty all this positivity, the constant smiling, telling people that I am ok even though I am not. Thank you for being the best parents. I am sorry I turned out to be such a waste”.

Fear of not getting a job or calling a loser leads him to suicide. When I read about him, I felt what a significant brain we have lost.

His suicide note shows an IIT student, writing aptness, a mature suggestion to his friend not to waste life in IT field where most of Indians die to work. Whatever compelled such a motivated student to make the step must be serious. It is high time when we have to create job opportunities in different sectors.

Pratiyusha Banerjee

I hope, most of us remember Balika Badhu serial. Pratiyusha Banerjee, the most lovable character on a popular serial committed suicide. According to medical reports, Asphyxia was the reason for her death.

One committed suicide because he was worried about the job and the other one was having a job but committed suicide. Two completely different scenarios but both have the same result.


Every year farmers commit suicide. But never make a place in suicidal blogs. Why? We know the reason. Financial weakness and debt lead them to commit suicide.

We are a human being with limitations. Sometimes we fail to understand the other version behind the beautiful smile. The question is how can we help people who face this horrible a moment in life?

First, we have to know some basic points about suicide.

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Causes: someone get Suicidal feelings

1. When a person gives up. No hope and unable to cope with the situation.
2. Depression, anxiety, anorexia, drugs, and other mental illness
3. Family history of Mental illness can increase the chance
4. Grief
5. Financial problem
6. Death of loved one
7. Failure in a relationship/sexual abuse
8. Face rejection from a long time in many areas
9. Genetic factor
10. Violence
11. Loneliness


a. Mood swings: sometimes happy or sad
b. Suddenly changes in behavior like eating pattern, sleeping pattern, way to talk.
c. Most of the time talking about guilt, shame, and revenge.
d. Increase in the level of consuming alcohol, drugs
e. Isolation from society, friend
f. Hopeless
g. Engaging in risk.
h. Saying goodbye to others as if it is the last meeting

What can we do in suicidal feelings?


If you feel that something is not ok. Go talk with your close friend or family member. It will definitely work. Tell them that you are not feeling good internally and share the reason. If you observe that your friend or your family member change in behavior, talk with them. Listen to them carefully because sometimes a person needs
only a comfortable talk or a warm hug.

Avoid being alone

You must avoid being alone because our mind gives us various thoughts.  When you are alone, the possibility of suicidal risk increases while struggling from some negative thoughts.

Engage your self

Engage your self with work or do your favorite work. If you like to play games, writing, listening to music, singing or dancing, do that. It will be helpful to your personal growth and give you positive vibes.

Take a break from work and go on a trip

From a stressful life, you need a break. Go on the trip with family friends. Try to be social.  If you love the solo trip, it is fantastic. You obviously feel the positive energy when you give time to your self.

Avoid toxic environment:

This is a very important step. You have to very careful about your surroundings. You must choose people who are good for your mental health.

 Never give up

Darling, this is only the phase of life. And life is all about ups and downs. Always give attention to the person who loves you the most and that is you.


Follow a healthy lifestyle do exercise, yoga, meditation. If you are a working person so you can exercise 4 days in a week for 30 mint.

Healthy food

Make healthy food to live your life. Healthy food includes whatever you need to stay out of the stress. Choose your friend and food carefully.

Always connect to a person you can trust:

I hope you are a lucky one who has at least one person in life you to share all bullshit gossip. So please share your tough part of life too. Meet over coffee or dinner and talk openly about your problems. You will definitely feel light and avoid the suicidal feelings.

Take the help of a doctor

If you feel a situation is out of control and unable to deal alone. Go for treatment. Remember it that no society, family or anyone else is important than your mental health.
Yes, you are facing some mental trauma and it’s ok you are not weak. This is life. And we all have to face ups and downs. The only thing matters and that is attitude matters that how you deal with it always remember you are a fighter and brave enough.

You are wondering what feeling they are intangled to when they got suicidal feelings. If you can understand Hindi, visit here. This link is about suicidal feelings. One starts taking positive things so negatively. That all things you will find here.

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