Sex education: Love Yourself The Way You Feel

Sex education Love Yourself The Way You Feel
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In Indian families, we usually skip so many topics that we must discuss and talk with our next generation. Like mental health , menstruation , LGBT community, gender equality, sex education and list is end less. But unfortunately we skip all these topics like we skip YouTube ads from the video.

Do you know the status of awareness or seriousness for the sex education? Do you remember your 10th standard science class and the chapter “ reproduction”. I hope most of us remembered the awkward silence in class and the teacher’s response to the chapter . Yes that were we in class 10th.

Okay, now come back in the topic.  Let’s talk about the very important and interesting topic “sex education”.

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What is sex education ?

When we talk about sex education so many questions arise in our mind. So lets get little more closer.  Lets know why this topic is so important. How can it influence to the health? Lets start with the very basic.

Significance of sex education:

The significant aim of the sex education is:

  • To spread awareness about sexual and reproductive health and safety.
  • Along with that teaching about cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects.
  • Empower and realize their health, well being and respectful social and sexual relationship.
  • Realization about the power of decision making.
  • Knowing how their decision can influence their and other person’s health .
  • Educate about HIV and other sexual transmission disease.

Sex education and parents guidance:

We think that we are progressive just because we learn some electronic gadgets and start using some app. Definitely  these things are cool and l am okay about it.  But lets be little bit more realistic.

  • There are still so many girls in India who did not complete their education due to their menstruation things. Not just another random allegation. But based on facts, yes it is shameful but true.
  • So many girls have no proper solution for their menstruation problem because of unawares.
  • Lack of the seriousness to sort out the problem.
  • Many girls can not discuss about their periods even at home.
  • They face so many awkwardness while using and even buying the sanitary pads.
  • At home parents did not discuss with their child about the menstruation and the changes in the human body.
  • Discussing about sex education is not even in reach .

How to Start conversation about The So Called Taboo :

Now the point is that we can not play blame game with our elders. And cry out for why they have not taught us how to talk about these kind of serious issues .
Why we don’t want discuss the issue whereas it is big elephant in the room. Lets decode how we can face less awkwardness to the conversation.  Starting with the basic points.

  • Very first we should know why the topic like sex education, menstruation , mental health , gender equality are so important.
  • In a very basic term first we have to educate and aware about the topic to our self.
  • As a care taker, you must create an environment to the child where they can grow fruitfully. This is totally our responsibility . Because suddenly one day you can not go In front of your child and you are like I want to discuss with you sex related topic it will be too awkward I guess .
  • Since the childhood we have to create a bonding with the child in which child learn to express their emotions, feeling, opinion with their care taker . A healthy bond can helpful in so many situation.
  • Teach your children about good touch or bad touch. When the child start engaging in social settings like school this is very necessary to provide information and do educate to your child about what is good touch or bad touch. It will be very helpful to develop great sense about what is right or wrong behavior and they start recognizing about their physical health and mental health as well.

Talk About Periods Or Puberty:

  • Normalized talk about periods , sentry pads with your child girls or boys both , yes boys also because after the information they get know about the process and it can helpful to create a beautiful environment where is no place to awkwardness and they get little more empathetic .
  • Talk about hormonal changes according to age.
  • When your child steps in teenage talk about what changes and challenges they might be face , and show them that you are always with them no matter what.
  • Talk about what is safe sex , why protection is important during sex and most importantly are you really ready for the sex or you are proving your love to your partner?
  • when parents express clear value about sex , children will also learn how to express their self this kind of topic.
    So many times child can trapped in worst situation , children can not talk with their parents due to fear and awkwardness . Parents have no idea what they are going through . Child can experience depression, anxiety and much more . In so many case they end their life.

Sex education very important for our mental health. It is not only about discussing with some elders just but also have guts to accept what we feel. In some cases, it is a continuously on going fights within to figure out why I am feeling this way which my peers are not feeling. A child can’t understand it. Parents should approach them. As a responsible parents you should discuss about sex education in most apt way. Otherwise you can embarrass your children as well as yourself.

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