Science Behind Love: Be A Winner in Relationship

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Love: What is a Science Behind Love? Let’s dig into it. Have you just started blushing to listen to the word without any reason? Then it is more than just a word. Maybe the best feeling in the world for you. At the same time, it is the worst thing happened with them who were not successful in love. If both have an argument, whose perception is right. None would be ready to give up, however, none of them is expert.

Tell me, if I tell love, what comes in your mind first?

Butterflies are flying in the stomach. As someone is tickling your funny bones in thoughts but nobody is present in actual. You are smiling every time to think of someone without concerning whether you are surrounded by gazing eyes.

The extreme level of love as loosening focus, being happy with no reason, ever-smiling face, glowing face, sleepless nights are some common symptoms.

If you are a strong believer of romantic movie theory, sky getting bluer, the moon getting bigger are the common sense of madness which you share with others of your kind. But if you have broken up and angry on your ex, you will deny all these experiences by stating these as childish. Might be you accept it as the greatest mistake of your life. I have lost the vision of my carrier. If love would not happen to me, I would be quite a different person. Love is a wasting of time. These type of arguments would be the words from broken you.

Who will win the argument?

Guess who will win the argument? Both of them will stick to their perception. Nobody will ready to accept the defeat because both are right as per their experiences. So, I can’t say who will win. What I am sure, is that the audience will enjoy more than as they enjoy in Big Boss. One of them will win over the argument. But whoever wins, he will not be a hundred percent correct because they don’t have Science Behind Love in their argument.

Spoiler alert:

Have you fallen in love recently? ” Yes.” Don’t read it. I repeat don’t read it. This article is based on the science behind love. If you go behind the science, you will not enjoy the love even though it is immature. You are still reading it then you are enough mature and strong to handle the truth.

Another scenario: Have you just broken up and are bitching your ex in public? Don’t read it. Because your hatred made you blind enough not to see the light of science.

Put on science spectacles: Science Behind Love

It is better to understand love with the glass of chemistry, biology, and psychology besides feelings. Most of us know the biology aspect and few of us know the psychology aspect. So, we are going to start with the lens of chemistry.


Chemistry would have been the reason to make you sleep in the class under full sunlight but the chemistry of love can compel even a dead person to listen. The only similarity between them is that both chemistries are hard to understand.

Psychologist Dr. Rachel Needle blames dopamine, oxytocin, phenethylamine as main culprits for all the behaviors and experiences while falling in love. These chemical substances function as amphetamine which makes us excited, alert, and need for bonding.

What does love do to your body?

If you are feeling some changes in your body like light-headedness, sweaty palms, high energy level and
heart palpation, narrow mental focus, and tons of positive feelings, this is not fever but love.
Confirmed by Needle who is an associate professor and coordinator at South University. He has expertise in clinical
Experiences and Science Behind Love.

A book, The Brain in Love: 12 Lessons to Enhance Your Love Life, written by Dr. Daniel G. Amen explains the infatuation and romantic love. Book says that these are not just emotions but are the motivational drives and parts of the reward system of the brain.

Reward system of the brain: A Science Behind Love

Neural structures group, responsible for desire, wanting, motivation, or wanting for any reward is called the reward system of the brain.

How does the reward system of brain works?

When the reward system of the brain starts, a feedback loop is going to form. Central nervous system and bloodstream contents start influencing it. Now various neurotransmitters levels start playing their roles in the reward system of the brain.

With the help of neurotransmitters, Reward system starts sending chemical information to different parts of the body which include skin, stomach, genitals, and others. Now, these organs send the message back to the brain.
Example: Suppose, stimulation of any organ gives a good feeling, the reward system of the brain receives this information and seek for more which gave that pleasurable feeling.

Impact of Science Behind Love on the person:

Seeing the big moon, the bluer sky is not just an impact of romantic movies. The science behind love says that a person who has fallen in love recently sees the world via the lens of love. Everything can be tolerable and whatever his/her partner does is completely ok. Marriage and family therapist Kane confirmed it.

The triangular theory of love:

Renowned Psychologist Robert Sternberg has given a triangular theory of love. As per the theory, there are three components of love. 1: passion 2: intimacy 3: commitment.


Feelings of connectedness, bonding, and attachments come under it.


Sexual attraction and limerance come under it. Limerance is a state of mind when someone attracts to the person to whom, one is obsessed with. Fanaticizing or strong desire overwhelms a person at this stage.


We can define it in two states. 1: Short term 2: Long term.

Short term:

When a person makes a decision to be with one’s partner forever, is called short term commitment.

Long term:

The same person shares plans as well as achievements with his/ her partner is an example of long term commitment.

How does love evolve?

When the sense of attachments, psychological needs, and interdependence meet a partner with the same, romantic love blossoms.

Some study says that oxytocin, a chemical substance plays a very crucial role in evolving romantic love. Oxytocin releases during orgasm. Orgasm measures the ability of couples to bonding together.

Relationship mistakes:

Many people do the same mistakes in the new relationship that they have done in the previous one. People can
learn things from the past. The villain is the pattern over here. If you repeat the same pattern that failed you in the previous relationship, don’t expect any improvement in a new one.

Eventually, you will end up your relationship with disappointment, no matter how many partners you are changing.
Many of us have a notion in the mind that being spontaneous is the only thing to last romantic love, long. They may be true for a short span of time. After that disappointment will envelop them. I can prove it.

Tell me whether you can be with your partner every time or not?

If the answer is ” yes”, may I ask, “how”?
Maybe somehow you can manage to do so, don’t you think that your partner will not complain of not giving him/her enough space. Relationship will fall in boredom sooner. And you know the meaning of boredom in the relationship. “End of Relationship.”

If the answer is “no”, how can you prepare for spontaneousness?

Science Behind Love to save relation: Dr. Needle

Only continuous and conscious efforts, putting energy and giving time in the relationship can last your passion, love, and relationship longer.
A healthy relationship demands communication on a regular basis. If you do basic communication on a daily
basis with your partner, you can connect to your lovers on an emotional level. And it will give the reason
why to fall in love with the person.
Another thing to advance your love is a sense of surprise and adventure. Predictability kills the excitement. It dampens passion. If you can break the pattern of the predictability, you are the winner of the game.
Know your partner well. Knowing that your partner loves to do what kind of nitty-gritty things in daily life is very much important.

Dr. Kane about the solution:

Dr. Kane says that each day when you wake up, you must ask a question to yourself what you can do to make realize your partner that he/she is being adored and loved. Add more fun in your romantic life, if you want to receive the same excitement in the return. Don’t miss a chance to have fun. Put all your efforts to add excitement, fun, or surprises in your relationship.
The recipe to have a good partner is that be the partner who you are searching for in your life. Only then Love, romance, and passion will follow you in your life.

If love has the above details, why the sky is bluer?

You must have seen your friends falling in love for the first time. Always talking about their partners, what things they like in their partners, smiling without any reason. Physically present with you but mentally, they are with someone else. They can go to any extreme to meet their partner, start self-grooming, and suddenly become persons of caring nature.
Things for them are on the extreme level. Metaphorically sky is bluer, the moon is bigger, and romantic music is always playing in their head.

What would be the reason?

Psychologists have their own perception of it. Let’s break them up in scientifically.

Time of falling in love:

Scholars have observed the best time of falling in love is winter and the romantic relationship goes longer. And all the short span of relationships happen in summers.


In winter, we reduce our activities, wear less revealing clothes, mood decrease, and hard to meet someone. It is due to less sunlight. If we meet someone, we surely attract to his warmth. And try to know about him/her more and more in details. Knowing someone in details is the key to the long-lasting relationship.
Opposite to it, in summers, we are much exposed to the world. As our physical activity increases, we try to understand and learn new things fast what we couldn’t do in winter. So, there is little time to understand or learn things deeply in such haste.

Learning or understanding someone or something in summer is superficial. You can find these things true about your hobbies too.


Many people give all the credit to biology as an important part of love and neglect the chemistry. But the truth behind the first attraction is chemistry.


A chemical, produced in the adrenal and brain gland. It is responsible to enhance the testosterone release. Dopamine has impacts on various organs of the body such as sweat glands, senses, and genital glands.
That’s why you would have sweat more when you were in an initial stage of love or lust. At that time you feel the sky is bluer. This chemical influences the mood and emotions which lead to happiness and excitement.
Release of testosterones promotes the aggressive behavior, sexual desire and push you to pursue the one who is giving you an intense response.

Norepinephrine & Phenylethylamine:

Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter. It works as a stimulant that causes the individual to feel a sense of alertness. Because of it, the person is unable to get sleep. It enables a person to notice as well as to remember the nitty-gritty things of one’s partner.
PEA (phenylethylamine) is the reason to lose appetite and giddiness. PEA is also responsible for your depression if a relationship doesn’t work. This happens due to falling down of your PEA level.

How do Chemicals work?

Once dopamine has done its work, Norepinephrine & Phenylethylamine come to play an important role in focusing attention.

Now partners begin to zero in on their partners who they have desired. At this time they have feelings of euphoria.

These all together make the reward system to stimulate. You must have noticed why in the initial stage, lust or love is more powerful. Lovers’ touch, photograph, even thinking about lover can make your mood elevated and you got much-focused attention now.

Day by day, it is being complicated to say where the relationship is going to. Fear of being rejected suppresses the enjoyment what we get while falling in love. Some of us, scared of commitment in relation to what results in the lover leaving away.
Most of the understanding people limit their hopes and expectations. This Science Behind Love makes your relationship to last longer. If you want to learn how a relationship works, observe parent-child relationship. In the beginning, there are not so many attracting things but you will learn soon how a relationship really works. In this relationship, expectations are very less, so it works beautifully.

Final things:

However, being single may have many benefits, but there is no denying the fact that falling in love has its own beauty. The time is intense. For many of us, it is really exhilarating.
Next time, you find any of your friend grinning to see a photograph of his/her date, thinking, and smiling without any reason, or saying that nowadays everything is quite awesome then just have popcorns and enjoy the show.

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