Schizophrenia: Monsters out there

Schizophrenia: Monsters out there
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May be science does not approve theory of ghosts or monsters but Schiznophrenia does. How? Let’s see. Have you ever dreamt something strange? Like a strange creature or ghost having too many eyes or ears. You are aware that it is only a dream when waking up and know that it has no relation to reality. Schizophrenia is just like that dream. Only the difference is that you see things while waking up. You are with your full consciousness but can’t differentiate whether it is a dream or reality.


Usually, our society sees them as a monster or possessed by evil. If you are scared to see them, think how much they would be scared to see that is happening to them.

Ask yourself what you need when you are scared? Right answer: support and help. Tell me what they want. If your answer is support and help then you are wrong. They need more support and help.

Why need more support and help

Schizophrenic personality is neither a monster nor possessed by evil. At first look, they are just like us but need support and proper treatment.
In the schizophrenia, a person loses touch from reality.  In the situation of schizophrenia, a person feels
hallucination and delusion.

A serious brain disorder which affects a person’s way of thinking, acting and expressing emotions. Basically, it badly affects the cognitive area. And this area recognizes the things, persons or any physical body.

SCHIZOPHRENIA has affected 1% of the population. Mostly it ranges between the age of 16 and 30. In some case, symptoms may develop slowly but in others, develop fast.

Stories of Amazing winners:

How you can be a winner from your worst nightmare? You will learn things from these winning stories.

I have a story of a person who is blessed with multitasking. And is doing outstanding work in many fields. When you have to narrate a story of such a personality, being confused is quite obvious. Yes, I am. and thinking where to start?

CECILIA MCGOUGH: She is a mental health advocate, activist, writer, media consultant, and radio astronomer. Also a founder of a non-profit organization of students with schizophrenia, blogger/ vlogger for the “I am not a monster”. These are only a tip on the iceberg.

In so many areas she left her mark. Sorry, if I forgot to mention any other important area.  And I am proud to tell that she did all the fantastic works even though she was facing SCHIZOPHRENIA.

At the age of “5,” Cecilia Mcgough experienced Schizophrenia first time. It is all started with the shadow figures. She didn’t understand what’s wrong with her.

MCGOUGH was facing hallucination. And she experienced positive or negative symptoms both. I will explain in detail about the symptoms further but first, let dig into her life a little bit.

Her Life:

She didn’t share her problem with anyone. That was because she didn’t know how to say it and what would be other’s response. She always tried to act normal. It was a very difficult task for her.

When she realized that the situation is out of control. Now it is a peak time to take medical help. Only then she shared her problem with her mother. Her mother strongly said no for any medical help. Because of she
didn’t want the question to be raised on the mental health of her daughter and her family history.

Her mother really didn’t want any tag of schizophrenia on her daughter. After a few days she tried
again but her mother’s attitude was the same. Then she decided to fight alone for her it. She went to the doctor. The treatment started.

The doctor called her mother to give information about her health issue. Her mother was angry on her step and choose not to support her. She didn’t feel completely ok after diagnosis, so she consulted with the doctor again. He did some changes in medication. But could not get a satisfactory result.

How She Changed her life with her own

Honestly, she was afraid of facing the world. What she caring for was how society would react when she opened up about her problem. Yet she took some brave steps to overcome her fear and schizophrenia.

First, she decided to change her environment. And left people who are not good for her mental health. Even she left her family because she knew they would not support her.
Then started helping people who were facing such a terrifying situation. She started communicating about mental health. And sharing her experience with her blog.
“ She accepted herself as she was, looked for knowledge to find out solutions. She started fighting for her, made the hard decision for herself. Now she is helping many people”.

An artist with schizophrenia:

Here I have another short but inspiring story of an artist who was suffering from schizophrenia. How she used her weakness into strength, I will tell you.

Kate knows that she is an artist since her childhood. And usually sees different monsters in her daily life because of it. She took a new way to fight against her fear just by drawing these in a paper and starting writing on them. Isn’t it inspiring to mold your life as you want?

Here is a piece of basic information about schizophrenia –

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Here we discuss the most common symptoms
1. Positive symptoms
2. Cognitive symptoms
3. Negative symptoms

1. Positive symptoms –

If you think positive stands for good symptoms, you are wrong. In these symptoms, a person loses touch with reality.
a) Delusion
b) Hallucination
c) Catatonia


Delusion is a strong belief which is not based on reality. A person refuses to give up his belief which is way far from reality.

Example – A person thinks that a person of his imagination can hear his thoughts. And can tell that he is the devil or God. These are some of many other unrealistic thoughts.


In this case, a person perceives an unrealistic sensation. A person hears voices which are not in real. He also feels
someone is giving commands to his body. Seeing someone, Smelling, getting sensation on the body are some other scary things which are not real but not less than real for the patient.


In this condition, a person gets physically standstill in a single position for a long time. Talking in a sentence
that does not make any sense.  Other people may feel confused about his language. Because he jumps very quickly one topic to another which does not make any sense at all. Moving slowly, unable to make any decisions, repeating the movement, forgetting things are some symptoms of it.

2. Cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia

A) Poor ability to understand information.

B) Making slow decisions.

C) Lack of attention.

D) Poor ability to use the information immediately after learning.

E) Lack of awareness in the cognitive area ( imagine part of the mind).

3. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia

In this case, we find the absence of normal behavior in the person who faces schizophrenia-like – lack of
emotions. Or a range of emotion is very low.  They have withdrawal with family friends, social activities, no
motivation, and poor hygiene.

Cause of schizophrenia

i) Genetic (heredity)
ii) Brain chemical imbalance
iii) Brain abnormality (structure, function)
Iv) Environmental factor

SCHIZOPHRENIA diagnosis and test

A) Observing the action of the patient
B) Get medical or psychiatric history with the help of the following test:
(1) Blood test
(2) Imaging study
(3)  Psychological evaluation

SCHIZOPHRENIA diagnosis criteria

DSM (Diagnostic & statical manual) decides the Criteria of its diagnosis
L) Delusion
M) Disorganized or catatonic behavior
N) Hallucination
O) Negative symptoms for the last 4 week
P) Feeling difficulty to deal with day to day normal task

If any symptom exists for 6 months, it is the clear indication that you need help.

Treatments for schizophrenia

Treatment can help a person to live a productive life and there are many available ways in this order. To cure the schizophrenia, a person can take help of-
0) Medication
1) Psychological counseling
2) Self – help resources

Darling, first start to love yourself. Keep in mind you are brave enough to set your boundaries from toxic people and the environment. There’s nothing shameful to ask for help or try to help a person who faces this horrifying situation.


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