Sadabahaar Plant: An Ancient Herb With Many Benefits

Sadabahaar Plant: An Ancient Herb With Many Benefits
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Ayurveda is a treasure trove of the knowledge of herbs that have been used since an ancient time, still carrying the same values, meanings, benefits and trust. Sadabahaar plant is one of them. In Ayurveda, the extracts of the plant use its roots, leaves, flowers to fight against poisons and several diseases like Madhumeh (Diabetes).

Chinese tradition used it for curing malaria, diabetes, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

Modern medicine uses  the substances like vincristine, chemotherapy medications, vinblastine found in the plant for treating several other diseases like cancers.

Various Names Of Sadabahaar Plant:

You may know this miracle plant with name of:

  • Catharanthus Roseus
  • Sada Pushapa
  • Sadaphuli
  • Baramasi
  • periwinkle
  • Vinca rosea
  • Pink periwinkle
  • Old maid
  • Rose periwinkle
  • Cape Periwinkle
  • Graveyard plant
  • Madagascar periwinkle
  • Bright eyes
  • Old Maid


10 Benefits Of Sadabahaar Plant:

Sadapushpi contains alkaloids and tannin that are very useful in tackling several diseases and provide many benefits.

  1. Used For Diabetes
  2. Helpful in Diarrhea
  3. Treats Gastritis
  4. Alkaloids help to treat tumor and cancer
  5. Stops gum bleeding, nose bleeding, mouth ulcers
  6. Improves Blood circulation
  7. Brain Health, improves memory and thinking ability
  8. Lung congestion
  9. Cough control
  10. Stopping the blood by applying on the wound
  11. Helps in skin infection if applied to skin
  12. Aids in eye irritation if applied to eye directly.
  13. Sore Throat
  14. Benefits in Malaria
  15. Relives in poisonous sting by bees
  16. Soothes in hemorrhoids

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How To Use Sadabahaar

  1. The best method to use Sadabahaar is pluck  one flower and 3 leaves of it and boil them in water and make herbal tea.
  2. other way is to chew the three and four leaves and get the effective results.
  3. Dry the fresh sadabahaar leaves and make the powder. Store it in any air tight place and use as green tea.
  4. You can use the powder with juice as it is little bitter in taste.
  5. Every morning take the flower with pink color of the plant and boil with cup of water. And drink it empty stomach.

Who Should Avoid Using Vinca rosea

Vinca rosea is not for everyone though it is miraculous plant. People with certain medical conditions should avoid using the plant.

  1. Pregnant and breast feeding woman should avoid using it
  2. If you have constipation issue, you should not use it.
  3. As it lowers the blood pressure, you should not use it if you have already lower blood pressure.
  4. If you have gone through the surgery, you need blood pressure to control at the time of surgery and after. So don’t take the Vinca rosea leaves or flowers at least 2 weeks before and after your operation.

Ayurveda is the only solution for our unhealthy life style. Vinca rosea or Sadabahaar is one of those plants which we can see on our daily basis but neglect them due to our insufficient knowledge about them. Thanks to Ayurveda which is helping us to live a full life by bestowing the shower of ancient knowledge on us. So that we could live a better like. There are many untold secrets and gems hidden in this treasure. We are going to hunt every of them for you in our future articles. Stay healthy with Ayurveda.

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