Prevention And Treatment Of Coronavirus

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How can We Prevent Coronavirus and Is there any treatment?

Houses are getting empty and hospitals have turned out overloaded. People who took corona as a joke, their lives have now become a joke in the hands of the corona. Corona is excited to experience a slide from the nasal passageway to the trachea. It makes the corona taste a success. Corona is that kind of enemy, who has no atomic weapons, no poisonous drugs, no monster size, and appearance but still one who pays his body as a host, gave away everything without gaining any profit but a precious life loss. Corona is so brutal. Don’t make friends with it. It is a friend without benefits. 

Our heroes, our doctors are continually addressing the people that kindly follow the precautions. But people still do not understand. They are not willing to cooperate. But somewhere, people are cooperative, a ray of hope in the dark. 

Coronavirus Precautions 

Precautionary measures are the only solution yet experienced to prevent corona. 

Standard Precautions 

There are some standard precautions that will help individuals preventing corona. These precautions are to be used by healthcare professionals before and after touching the patient. 

  • Hand Hygiene 

The most important of all is hand hygiene regulation. The healthcare professionals or even the individuals need to clean their hands before and after getting in contact with the patient. You can either wash your hands or apply sanitizer. 

  • Isolation and Cohorting

If an individual is tested positive for corona, then that individual can affect the next 2, and the next 2 will affect 8 and these 8 will affect 64 and the cycle will continue to 300 to 3000 patients in a day. It will be inhuman if we allow so. That is why isolation is preferred. If any person is affected by corona, he must be kept in isolation. If single room for every victim is not possible then arrange their beds in a single ward at 1-a meter distance in between. This is termed as cohorting. Hang a curtain also if possible. It will help to limit droplet spread. 

  • Self Quarantine 

Self-quarantine or self-isolation, it is advised for the people who have a travel history from China or Italy or any other place where it has deep roots; or person has a contact history with a corona patient. They should restrict themselves in a single room. Self-quarantine ensures the health of the individual and as well as the other people. If during the quarantine period, someone is suspected COVID-19 positive, then instantly should be given medical care. Strictly follow the transmission-based precautions and standard precautions. 


Else than the standard precautions, there are some transmission-based precautions to prevent corona attack. These precautions are devised under the concept of mode of transmission. They are further listed as contact precautions, droplet precautions, and airborne precautions. 

  • Contact Precautions 


Wear gloves and gowns while the health care worker is in substantial contact with the patient
Wear surgical masks, so to avoid touching face mistakenly 
Wear goggles as per requirement 
Keep your living and working spaces clean
Aprons for gloves should be removed while leaving wards


  • Droplet Precautions 
Precautions Checklist
Use gloves and wear gowns while coming in contact with patients or contaminated surfaces
Use surgical masks or goggles to avoid droplets spread of the virus
Disinfectants to be used 
Take mandatory precautions while transporting patients
Wash hands and use sanitizers before touching the surface and after touching patients or 


  • Airborne Precautions 
Using gloves and aprons 
Use P2/N95 respirators instead of surgical masks
Properly clean and disinfect the environment

Simple Precautions for Everyone!

  • Washing hands (20 seconds) 
  • Using masks with proper care
  • Hand Sanitizers to be used (if soap and water is unavailable) 
  • Avoid contact with affected patient 
  • Not to touch unclean hands on face

(Hey! You may remember these easy steps if you remember the core of the corona outbreak I.e. Wuhan; mnemonic to remember general precautions) Do want to know all about coronavirus go to our previous article.  


Yet there is no treatment found worldwide but research is being carried out if something can be found in the future. There are general treatments being given to the patients considering the stage of the disease. Medical specialists are treating the symptoms to protect lives. 

There are several research organizations and pharmaceutical firms who are after introducing the drug soon in the market. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is working on a formula and will soon release the progress report. China is going to announce a vaccine in the later week of April, it is expected. They will make some clinical trials to test the effectiveness. 

In USA malarial and arthritis drugs named chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are approved as emergency drugs by the US FDA. These drugs are being tested and there are many other anti-viral drugs also in the market. 

Favilavir is an anti-viral drug, which is approved by The National Medical Products Administration of China, to be used for coronavirus treatment. It has been reported that the drug has shown efficacy in treating the corona patients with minimal side effects. China is further testing the drug in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. 

The disease is not coming to an end but is continually spreading everywhere in the world. Currently, there are 200 countries suffering from coronavirus. The pharmaceutical companies are developing vaccines and they are on various stages. Some have just started and some are at the testing stage. Given below is the list of pharmaceutical firms and their vaccines under development. 

  • Fusogenix DNA vaccine by Entos Pharmaceuticals 
  • APNO1 by University of British Columbia and APERION Biologics
  • ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 by University of Oxford
  • Gimsilumab by Roivant Sciences 
  •  TNX-1800 by Tonix Pharmaceuticals 
  • TJM2 by 1-Mab Biopharma 
  • Coronavirus vaccine by Medicago
  • AT-100 by Airway Therapeutics 
  • TZLS-501 by Tiziana Life Sciences 
  • OYA1 by OyaGen
  • AdCOVID by Altimmune 
  • Brilacidian by Innovation Pharmaceuticals 
  • BPI-002 by BeyondSpring
  • Altimmunes Intranasal coronAvirus vaccine 
  • INO-4800 by Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology 
  • NP-120 (Ifenprodil) by Algernon Pharmaceuticals 
  • mRNA-1273 vaccine by Moderna and Vaccine Research Center 

Above listed are just a few, there are tens of other vaccines and drugs under process.


Last words 

Coronavirus is a deadly infection but you should not be scared of it. Because as far you are following the precautions, you are safe. There will soon be a treatment, believe your pharmaceutical workers. They will surely make it happen and the world would be saved.  Beware the fake vaccine or treatment out there. 

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