Parenting: An Art To Shape A New Life

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Tell me which sports do you think the most competitive? Football, cricket, chess, Badminton. If your answer is one of them. You need to think about parenting then. Ok -Ok. I admit that parenting is not a game. But it has become competitive.

How? Today parents want that their children should be number one in everything lest they will lag in life race. But they forget the place of number one is only one and they are not with only with the same idea.

You must have heard that parenting is the first school of human. Parenting helps to build the character of a child. So, it needs care while shaping childhood.

Have you ever seen a potter to make a (Clay pot) Matka? Try once to make it. It needs pressure from outside with polite support from inside. Potters are like parents who have to shape childhood with utmost care.

Parents-children Relationship

“How beautiful the feeling is when you become parents! You become more responsible. Good
parenting is such a tough job. Especially when you both are working. Your responsibility becomes
double. You have to take care of your child, career and also to take care of yourself.
You can do small efforts to build a beautiful and strong bonding with your children. Good parenting is about to make a child independent with his or her own decision. He/ She is solely responsible for his/her action or decision.

What small steps can you take to ensure that your parenting is in the right direction?

Well, there is no pre-defined set rules for being good parents. But it is for sure that a child learns from the surroundings. So, if you think you are adult and ready for parenting, behave like one.

1 – Be a good listener

No matter how important work you are doing, leave it when your child shares his feeling. Maybe you can experience something more important while listening to them.

Just keep your phone or laptop and TV remote side and give full attention to them when they are sharing their words. It helps you to build a great bonding. Once the child gets comfortable to share his lovely activities with parents. It’s it builds trust for life Time. It will be easy to apply if both of you give your equal contribution.

2 – communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. It doesn’t matter that you are working or non-working. Connecting with your child it is your priority among duties.

Ask your child about the day in school, classes, class teacher, favorite teacher, games, best friends, and other activities. It helps you to find his interest areas, weakness, and many other things.

3- Focus on learning rather than comparing with another child

We all are different and have our own weakness or strength. You have to appreciate your child for his
performance. Your child must know that you believe in your child no matter what happens or how many failures come up there.

You have to teach your child to learn from your experiences and ready for new experiences. Tell them to learn about setting the priorities. Appreciate and celebrate their little – little achievements. Never ever compare your child with anyone.

“If you measure the competency of a fish by her skill to climb a tree, you have to rethink about your metrics.”

4- Let your children experience the real world

Don’t say no to your child for a school trip, or summer camp, dance class, if you can afford it. When your
child leaves his comfort zone and exposed to the real world, he builds memories, experiences.

Let them know how to cope with any situation. Don’t afraid how your child will manage things without you. This type of attitude is not good for your child’s development. If you do, after some time he finds it difficult to manage the situation.

5- Teach about good touch or bad touch

This is very important to teach your child what touch is ok or what is not. Teach the difference between
acceptable and unacceptable touch.

If your child complains about such a thing, don’t ignore them.  Don’t feel ashamed of inquiry in school, tuition or anywhere. Such an experience will be definitely horrible for your child, so don’t avoid.

6- Aware of the friend circle

Our friend circle or surrounding plays a very important role to build our personality, you should meet time
to time your child’s teacher to get information about the performance of a child or surroundings, friend circles as well. But we have to respect their
privacy and personal space at the same time.

7- Talk about the period or body changes

Not only girls even boys also should know about the periods.  Basic education is very important to understand the process or why this is necessary for the fit and sanitize body. Don’t avoid the questions when they ask regarding their body changes or periods. It is not only the mother’s but also the father’s duty to educate the child about it as normal.

8- Sex education

Sex is considered taboo here in our country India. I can understand that it is the toughest part for the parents to discuss sex so openly. We all feel
uncomfortable to talk about sex no matter how much we claim to be a progressive society.

But why? You have to accept the changes. Now, this is the time when you have to educate your child about safe sex.  You have to talk about the advantage or disadvantage before any unfortunate thing takes place.

9- Try hard for the dream

Believe in your child and let them know that no matter what your parents always love you and don’t give up on your dreams. Believe me, your child can face all the toughest part in life easily, if you are in support.  Your child only looks at your face only to know whether he is brave enough to do this task or not.

10- Let them travel

To experience the world, let them travel. Let them manage their odd-even things. When they explore the world,  they will introduce with different cultures and the richness of all cultures. They internally have respect for them all and will able to choose their own path to follow life.
It helps a child to become a good and knowledgeable human being. Patience will help them to find peace what is missing from the life of most of us.

11-Avoid fighting in front of your child.

I can understand we all face ups and down in relationship but avoid to insult or high pitch tone in front of your child. A child learns what he sees or maybe he can go in distress at such a young age.

Most importantly care your self. Try to live a healthy lifestyle because you are always a role model for your child. The child always observes your activity and it deeply influences child behavior. It is up to you what you want to be a hero or no one for your child, the choice is yours.

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