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TRANSGENDER MENTAL HEALTH  is important. In Indian society birth  of a male child is like achieving all your goals. Everything is going well. Child is growing like most of the other child but suddenly you realize your boy is not behaving or acting like a every normal boy or girl ( so called normal according […]

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Anterior Oblique Sling: What it is? MMTs and the AOS Exercise Progression 

In the previous article, you heard about anatomy slings. This content captures three things.  First the types of anatomy sling, second manual muscles testing (MMTs) and third exercise possessions of the Anterior oblique sling (AOS ) training. Let’s have a read on these three interesting topics.  What is Anterior oblique sling  (AOS)? External oblique and […]

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10 Ways To Boost Immunity

Boosting the immune system is a need of the hour to fight against alien infections or diseases. Our present unhealthy lifestyle has exposed us to harmful pathogens or organism prone diseases by leaving our immune system weak. Immune system is nothing but a collective effort of tissues, enzymes, cells, and other organs to get united […]