Mental Health As Important As Physical Health

Mental Health Is Important
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When a person is physically active, able to do physically task, and has a strong immunity system that makes his lifestyle ineffective from illness.  Only then we can say that person is physically healthy. In the same manner when a person is able to do day to day life task efficiently, cope up stressful circumstances, and contribute for the well-being of society only then we can say that person’s mental health is really good. 

Mental health and physical health both are equally very important . They both are interconnected with each other . If a person suffering from physical pain, the chances are so high of that person and his family to suffer from mental health issues.

Role Of A Family To Support Metal Health: 

Our family plays an important role in our life. But it is quite complex in Indian scenario. We know that Indian culture is so rich wherein joint family is substantial unlike many other western cultures.  So if any family member gets in trouble the whole family will get affected inevitably. At this time, every family members have to be strong and patient and protective for the affected one. Because that the family does. 


Role Of Culture in Mental health issues:

Seriousness of the mental health issues depends on which culture and environment we are living.  Because culture helps us to create our perspective and  build an attitude, understanding , beliefs, and perspective for any event. Our action for that event totally depends on serving the interest of that cause. 

Unfortunately Mental health issues is one of the most ignored topics in our society. Most of the people have no idea about Mental health.  Even  many people in our society face domestic violence, emotional abuse, sexual harassment and many more the list is endless. These events provoke mental illness.

But you know what is the horrible thing ?  Most of the people are “okay” with that.  Actually they really have no idea what to do in this situation.  They ignore all the red flags that they were getting since long period. The reason behind the poor connection between mental health and their actions may be lack of knowledge and awareness about the subject.

Need of Hours:

We Indians less believe in therapy for mental health. In our society we treat mental illness like stigma. Many people lose their battle against mental illness because of the lack of family and social support.

Before looking for the solution of mental health stigma, the acceptance is a first move but a big deal. We can spend our money in any physical disabilities without any guilt but the opposite is true for mental health. But now scenario is changing.

Now  our society has started giving us so much support.  Even they urge for financial support via social media and try their best to support. And this is appreciative but it is still a long way to go. Sometimes I think why we all don’t get together in the need help for Mental illness person and get him his own for his battle.  Even person feels himself like burden on his family.

Why The Person is Alone to support mental health

We let our loved one to suffer from mental illness but don’t support them.  Why?  Because the same questions what will people think,  how will they react when they get about therapy?   

How To Fight For Mental Health

First of all clear your mind  that Mental illness is not a stigmaThe main point about the mental health is your responsibility to support your loved ones in need of hours. 

  • Know Why mental health is important – We all are busy is our life trying hard to achieve our goals, better life style that looks like rat race. After so many changes in our life schedule, it will obviously affect your body after all body is not machine. As physical and mental health are interconnected, our unbalanced life schedule will let us suffer many physical problems like cardio related , sugar, thyroid, and the list goes on.  Along with these, we also suffer from mental problems like restlessness , anxiety disorder , hypertension , depression etc. And affects our behavior like our eating, sleeping patterns, our society activity and sexual activity.  Worst thing is that we loose engagement from our interest areas. 
  • Speak With Your Child:  Children’s mental health is  as important as others. Most of the people believe that  children with mental illness do not get any emotions.  But this is not true. Children can feel unconditional love  and care. They are getting from their dearest one. Also they observe their elders, their efforts to copy them. And express happiness with beautiful smile, joyful nature and via other expressive method.  Talk to them friendly, they will share their experiences of school or  play ground in the same way. Children  can also feel when they are ignored by loved one, when they got bullied in school or sexually harassed by someone or when they experienced domestic violence. With these sufferings, they become so quite or so aggressive. That leads them to be disconnected with peer groups.  The worst part is that they can loose their interest from their favorite things .


Before knowing about your children first look the signs like: 1. child is doing a simple day to day life task. 2. He/she has good social connections and trying to do simple mental activity that he love to engage with his peer groups. If “YES”.  It indicates healthy mental health. If “NO”. Now you know what to do.

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