Marital Rape: Voice Up Against It Now

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Every culture has their own values, beliefs , norms. India is a country where many cultures and their beliefs and values stay together since  centuries and this is the beauty of India. We are privileged with Veda , mantras , puran , Upanishads  and so many incredible things. 

Marriage has special place in everyone’s life specially in India. How beautiful is that with mantras, two  souls are promising to each other to always be there for each other no matter what the situation is.  Both will be growing together , wow sounds like a fairy tales. But what if all this fairy tale dreams turn into nightmare. Here, I am going to talk about “marital rape”   This topic needs more attention but it is so underrated till now. So let’s break unwanted norms . 

Significance of a right partner

Life is a full package of adventure with so many ups and downs. We are learning , earning, facing so much failures, disappointment, and rejection. This is a life long process. In the whole process, right partner work like a shadow of tree in summer season. Or like a tea / coffee you need the most between your hectic days or like a deep breath how can give you more power to handle more graceful any situation.

Marriage gives you just a name to your relationship. It is like an announcement that you are ready to take responsibility if you wanna spend your life with each other. 

But what if your marriage becomes Neck’s noose ? Or what you become a puppet in your relationship. Let’s dig into the topic and find more about Marital rape .

About rape.

Rape is a word and everyone can feel goosebumps whenever topic arises. Or even we only  discuss the topic when  a person forces to another person for having sex. It is a rape. Anyone can be a victim of this painful experience.

“When someone forced to their partner for sex without any concern is a Marital rape ”

Marital rape

Marital rape is a very serious issue for the society specially in India where awareness level on such topic is very low. When you force your partner for sex without her/his concern, person may suffer from kind of physical or mental trauma. Victim  suffer this kind of act within four wall of bedroom. This is what marital rape looks like.

Male / female anyone can go through this nightmare but woman  are  the most affected one.  And you know what the scariest part is : our system is lack of seriousness about this issue. This is exceptional case according to our system and this issue not needed any extra efforts to get fixed. 

Breaking myths

Here I wanna break myths about marital rape that it is not so serious or this topic does not need any attention. This is so uncomfortable  even when someone try to touch body without our consent.

 Marriage does not give you licence to rape your partner. Having sex without any consent can give great degree of trauma to person.

Physical trauma – virginal , anal infarction, unwanted pregnancy,  fatigue , vomiting, pain in body, miscarriage , even person can suffer from any kind of disease , bladder infections and list is so long .

Mental trauma _ After this painful scenario, a person may suffer from PTSD , depression, shock, low self-esteem, problem in intimacy. Or person may feel negative about the self.  Self hate  and suicidal idealization can be result of Marital rape  

How  society or family can help  

  • Awareness about the marital rape 
  • You should give equal opportunity to grow your child 
  • Let’s your child explore the world , it may helps to learn so much
  • Take is seriously when your daughter or son try to talk about this kind or serious issue
  • Rise your voice against this kind of act be a responsible society 
  • Don’t be judgmental
  • Help your child to take a legal  action

What society we are going to leave behind us? A society where everyone can leave without fear or status quo. Time is now to take action. We are blessed with high esteem culture, we are not barbarians. Voice up. Fight against injustice or write and publish with us. Let the world know what do you think because every voice matters.






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