Emotional Abuse Is A Real Thing

Emotional Abuse Is A Real Thing
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Our emotions play major role in our life. Emotions are reaction to the situation. Through our emotions we express our thoughts  and feelings. What If someone trying to control your reaction, your opinion, always trying to bullying you. This will make you uncomfortable right? This is the time you have to aware about your emotional well-being. Let’s take a moment and trying to know about emotional abuse.

Definition of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is the state where other people trying to control your opinion, trying to pull you down all the time, always makes you feel like you are not good enough and useless. Trying to insulate you In front of your close people or in public” 

We can experience emotional abuse in any relationships. It may be in romantic relationship, child- parents relationship, student-teacher relationship and in friendship, even stranger can affect our emotional well-being . 

Emotional abuse in family

After a quick intro about emotional abuse lets start with the very basic point “family” . This is not hidden truth that in our society most of the family surviving with emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is not for a particular gender, any human being can experience emotional abuse. Yes, in many cases males can also experience emotional abuse .

Child And Emotional Abuse:

In the whole process of emotional abuse in family, child may be affect badly. Can you feel that the child who is surviving in emotional abuse what he/ she is going through? Child who experience emotional abuse may face problem in psychology development, self growth and sometimes he may also face it in physical well-being.

It may lead to depression, anxiety, stress and many other problems. He/ she may loose his/her confidence. Child start doubting in himself in every small things. He/ she may start avoiding to face any situation, trying not to give any opinion , avoiding to share any thoughts.

For the child this period not less than a nightmare. They don’t have any idea about what is going on, what can  they do in situation for example sexual harassment. It is also kind of emotional abuse. So many children are facing it in our society. They really don’t know what is going on,  is it right or wrong, should their parents know about this, what will be their reaction if somehow child will tell them about the problem, and many more?

What can parents do in this situation ?

  • If child tells his/ her story no matter whether it is making sense or not, pay attention to them. Because this basic step may help in creating a strong bound between parents-child. 
  • Don’t stop them to express their emotions 
  • Don’t tell them to stay quiet, if they are telling that any family member or teacher or any other person touch them inappropriate way  and investigate it properly. 
  • Always check in your child 
  • Teach them about good touch or bad touch. 
  • Always try to make environment where child can grow, develop in beautiful manner. 
  • A secure or safe environment for a child is a duty of both mother and father . 

Effect of emotional abuse

When person experience emotional abuse on the regular basis, it can be dangerous for the person not only in psychology way but also in physiological way. Person may lose their entire sense of self. It can generate self doubt, worthlessness, low confidence, victim may suppress so many thoughts. Worst part starts when person starts believing in that he/ she deserves this behavior.

Person really don’t get that something is wrong happening. Person may experience frustration , anger , person and may experience panic attack . The whole process may be effected to person’s development and growth. Though the process of growth and development is long and continuous. But one thing is for sure that we deserve a better place where we can grow and develop ourselves beautifully. 

How to deal with emotional abuse

Realization of what you are facing, is not something that supposed to be happened. Accept that this is whole wrong. This is the first step towards your coping process. 

Always remind your self that you are important. And your emotional well-being and mental health is important rather than any relationship , party ,job and person . 

When you start realizing that someone is playing with you emotions and always trying to control you or putting you down and always ignoring your opinion and thoughts. “Yes” this is your call to start creating boundaries. Tell them with your actions that they have no rights to enter in your personal space . 

No matter how close you are to that person and how long your relationship is. You can’t change them. You mustn’t take responsibility of any ones action. This is not your fault, you have tried your best. Now stop blaming your self. Don’t try to handle all the things that is beyond your limit. This is not your duty. Accept that you can’t fix them.


Avoid them and engage with those persons and groups where you find your self comfortable/ confident. Very- very important that stay connected with people who actually cares about you, talk them, and share your anxiety. Build your support network. Just in case if you are ready to move on from toxic situation discuss with the people who always cares for you . They can help you to figure out the situation. 

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