Effect of cyberbullying on mental health

Effect of cyberbullying on mental health
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Cyberbullying is a modern form of bullying through digital platforms. That include social media and numerous apps like gaming and chatting. A Cyberbullying means to humiliate or hurt someone through spreading rumors about the targeted person. Activities involved in it include capturing and posting any embarrassing moment without his /her concern.  The Cyberbullying in India is usually an experienced issue in India. Effect of cyberbullying on mental health is a major part of the whole issue. As a large chunk of the population in India is not educated and well aware of such issues. In  the cyber bullying person who humiliates another person or gives threat directly can affect the emotional and mental well being of that very person. Let’s talk about what is cyberbullying and the effect of cyberbullying on mental health.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a new phenomena that has born with the advent of social media platforms. Before switching to cyber bullying lets know about bullying first. A  bullying is an act of aggressive  or unwelcome constant behavior.  It can be physical or verbal. It may include intensely physical harm or metal suppression. For instance pressurizing someone for unwanted act. Rape threats, humiliating or making fun of physically appearance are also part of it. So, we can conclude that cyberbullying is nothing but an updated version of bullying.

Effect of cyberbullying on mental health:

A Cyberbullying is majorly impacting mental health. Bullying and cyber bullying both are different in nature. Conventionally, bullying impacts physically rather than mentally. Whereas cyber bullying impacts mentally majorly. Person may experience multitude mental health issues in cyber bullying. Let’s dig into the topic. And try to find out what effect of cyberbullying on mental health can be . 

Cyber bullying & Anxiety Disorder: 

When a person suffers from cyber bullying, the person may experience anxiety disorder .  Awkward, embarrassing posts, messages, and comments  are unwelcome and cause of mental suffering. The suffering includes restlessness, wandering unwanted thoughts, irritation, lack of concentration. Cyber bullying can spoil an individual’s image on social media platforms.  Not only the victims but also bully as everything is recorded in social media. In so many cases it has also spoiled an individual’s career, academic and social life. 

Fear : An Effect of cyberbullying on mental health

If an individual is having or has already experienced, he can face fear or complexity. Victims may start avoiding  social gatherings. Or might be starting to avoid phone calls as well as text messages. Also may feel a sense of unpleasantness.

Depression & Cyber Bullying :

Depression can make place in the life of victims. Studies have shown that victims experience depression after the encounter with bullying. They may start losing interest in the activities they used to love. Changing in sleeping or eating patterns is found common. Many of the victims may feel low energy as well. 

PTSD : An Effect of cyberbullying on mental health

Persons with the experience such trauma suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder.  If you don’t take care of it properly at the right time, the suffering is for the lifetime. Many times children avoid taking help after bullying as they are afraid of their parents’ reaction. Due to suppressing emotions for a long time, children face health hazardous issues. 


Suicidal idealization or suicidal attempts :

Cyberbullying is not easy to stop. Person may experience suicidal idealization after cyber bullying. Cyber bullying thoroughly spoils a person’s reputation on the internet. It also impacts on a person’s personal and professional life.  As per recent statistics, it is seen that victims taking their life has risen up. 


Low self-esteem:

Person may create a negative image about himself. He may not feel confident about himself or about the decision he is making. They adopt  avoiding any situation as a defense mechanism that is not good for their own personal growth as easy way out always makes people weak. 


Anger issue & Cyber bullying: 

In the whole process the victim feels that he/she is trapped. They are unable to find any way out. It is obvious that victims experience frustration and anger because of ungovernable situations.


Cyberbullying is not healthy for anyone .  No doubt, internet and social media is a great achievement of human species. It is a great way to communicate and enhance knowledge in various areas. We can’t blame technology for our irresponsible behavior. First, we have to accept that nothing is wrong with technology. It is the way how we are misusing it.  Take a responsibility of your action rather than shouting at your children. Educate children about use or misuse of the internet. One responsible step can give great results. Let’s step up. 

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