Is it possible to treat diabetes with Ayurveda?

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Diabetes is one of the biggest health hazards that the world is facing today.

The reasons are the current lifestyle, quality of food intakes, several side effects of generic medicines, and surely increased level of stress and depression.

Diabetes has already got the status of slow poison and is marked as the host to a number of deadly illnesses, including cancer and strokes.

But, before you plan to treat diabetes with Ayurveda, you need to be clear with few things beforehand.

Ayurveda has been prevalent since ancient times, and its use only got more refined through the advancement of civilization.
Even though the roots of Ayurveda are contained in Indo-Aryan mysticism, in the texts of Vedas and other Hindu scriptures, still it got infused with other forms of medical practices, belonging to other civilizations and religions.

The best example to support this fact is the mixing of Persian Unani and Ayurveda.

So, Ayurveda is probably one of the oldest forms of medical practices that human civilization has seen.

How is Ayurveda different from Allopathy?

Rightfully said, medicine is anything that works to cure a specific disease.

It doesn’t really matter how is a medicine created, or from where it is extracted.

The most intrinsic difference between Ayurveda and Allopathy is the process of medicine derivations.

Allopathy believes in both natural and synthetic sources for manufacturing medicines. On the other hand, Ayurveda is strictly adhering to a medicine’s availability in natural resources, mainly plants, rocks, marine ecosystems, and so on.

Therefore, you can pretty well say, that Allopathy is the advancement of all forms of medicines.

Allopathy was inexistent during Ayurveda, Unani, or in the books of ancient medicines. With time, Allopathy gained prominence when medical practitioners and doctors expanded their structure of experiments in the field of medical sciences.

These experiments proved that medicine and pharmaceuticals are not only limited to natural resources but can also be synthesized artificially with full efficacy. In fact, artificial synthesizing of medicines proved to be more cost-effective and simple, than the extraction of substances from natural resources, like plants, minerals, and animals.


How effective is Ayurveda in treating Diabetes?

Diabetes is complex, and the treatment is long term. Interestingly, Ayurveda does contain several natural medicines, that you can use as home remedies to treat diabetes.

And, to your satisfaction, these medicines have always been effective, and many allopathic medicines are derived from the components of these plants and minerals.

Like, if you take Neem (Azadirachta indica), for instance. It is a wonderful medicinal plant that has usages in several illnesses and diseases.

Neem can be fruitfully used to treat diabetes. Also, it has the ability to reduce infections and complications arising from Diabetes.

You also have Momordica Charantia (Bitter gourd), which is highly effective in reducing blood sugar levels.

There are several other plants and herbs that give you positive results in treating diabetes. But, listing all of them in one blog post is nearly impossible.

On the contrary, Ayurveda also demands that you bring other changes to your lifestyle on top of applying generic medicines.

Such lifestyle changes include doing exercises, extensive walking and running, doing meditation, and also not indulging in too much anxiety, stress and depression.

There is also other important criteria that you have to adhere to if you are bending toward Ayurvedic treatment.
Ayurveda works by infusing both the mental and physical state of the patient while treating any specific illness.

Since diabetes is mostly a chronic condition, it can’t be fully eradicated, no matter whatever type of medication or treatment you aim to use.

With Ayurveda, you have to lead a quality lifestyle on top of taking the normal medicine course. You can hence say, that this could be one of the main reasons behind the diminishing use of authentic Ayurveda in modern day medicine.

In today’s world, the types of job profiles, most of the people are into, increase the risk of mental imbalance, anxiety, stress, and heart failures. If you really want to reap the benefits of Ayurveda, then you should be clear about the notion, that you need to pay attention to how you live and what you eat!

Nevertheless, ayurvedic priests and doctors will surely evaluate your medical conditions thoroughly and give you suitable medication, and assessments, as to what changes you should be making to your life, so as to get the maximum benefits of the treatment.

There is one such clinic in Kolkata, West Bengal, where you will be getting your preferred treatment types and fields under one roof.

So, if you are in Kolkata, then you should feel free to consult Ayurvedic doctors in New Town Clinic in Kolkata, to treat any type of Diabetic conditions, or other illnesses, with proper care and diagnoses.

Given that Ayurveda is making a come back in conventional medicine, there are other cities too, where both Allopathy and Ayurveda are given importance equally.

But, don’t forget to get proper advice from doctors, if you are keen in using both Ayurveda and Allopathy simultaneously.

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