Detoxification Methods – 10 Efficient Ways to Detoxify Your Body

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Every day we consume some or the other stuff or food which injects more toxic substances in our system. Every one of us is more or less confused that which of the foods that they eat are healthy for our body or not.  Yes, you can consume these foods occasionally but are not recommended in our daily diet. Here we will see some of the natural detoxification methods like yoga, meditation, detoxification therapy and man more by which your body can be restored to its original energy as if you did not eat any toxic food in your lifetime.

What Does Detoxification do to your body?

You can also see in the ecosystem that earth corrects itself from time to time from contaminants. In the same way, your body is well equipped with a mechanism that if you stop eating the toxic materials, it will rejuvenate automatically.

You can find detoxification diet plans practiced all over the world by people just to eliminate the toxic substances in the body. Detoxification is all about cleansing and removal of toxic substance from the body and replacing it with healthy nutrients which helps in the perfect functioning of the body.

Small steps for detoxification like mentioned below can help you a lot to rejuvenate the body.

  • Fasting helps in blood detoxification and also helps to give a rest to the organs that are working for your body day and night.
  • Stimulates the liver and drives the toxins out of the body through the natural process.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins through the skin, kidneys and excretory system.
  • Naturally builds a healthier body and refuels it with nourishment.
  • Juice fasting helps in better circulation of blood.

Symptoms that show the need for Detoxification


Every one of us needs to perform the detoxification process at least once a year. However, if you are a nursing mother and patient with chronic degenerative diseases like cancer or tuberculosis should not do the detoxification process. For more questions for cases like these, one must consult a healthcare professional and ask them whether detoxification is right for them or not.

At this time there are more toxins in the air as much as there are in the food. In case you encounter with such symptoms, you should definitely follow a detoxification diet plan to detoxify your body with immediate effect.

  • Fatigue in the body with no reason known to you.
  • Elimination of excreta with sluggish characteristics or constipation.
  • Your skin becomes dry and irritated.
  • You are prone to allergies much often.
  • Formation of eye bags under the eyes.
  • Frequent bloating sensation in the stomach.
  • Change in menstrual cycles.
  • Mental fatigue and confusion all over the day.
  • Gastric Bloating
  • Insomnia


How to Start a Detox?

Detox diet involves the usage of detoxification drinks, vitamins. minerals, foods that are known to have a detox effect. These procedures are known to have eliminated most of the toxins in your body. Toxins include pollutants from the food as well as air, synthetic food and chemicals, processed foods and these all things adversely affect your health.

In order to start with the detox plan first, you have to lighten up your body from toxins. Just reduce the amount or completely eliminate the usage of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, saturated fats and all the toxins that pose a hindrance to your detoxification process.

Get a substitute to chemical-based products like toothpaste, shampoos, deodorants and switch to a natural way of the master cleanse. Another great virus that poses a threat to your detox diet is your stress. This stress triggers the body to release excessive adrenaline in your body which also produces the toxins in large amounts and slow down the detoxification enzymes that are produced b the liver.

In the following paragraphs, we will see in detail how to detox yourself naturally and with some of the medical help.

Limit Alcohol Consumption


Our liver carries out the main functions of the total body cleanse process. According to the studies, the maximum of the alcohol is taken care of by the liver. First, it is metabolized to acetaldehyde and then it is converted to acetate and then eliminated from the body.

What is safe alcohol consumption?

Although many studies show a low consumption of alcohol beneficial for the organs and the body excessive amount is fatal for the body metabolism accompanied by damage to the liver which is caused by building up of fat, fatty liver and inflammation of the liver.

So detoxification of alcohol is really important as without it the liver cannot function properly like the elimination of toxins and filtering waste. It is better to not drink alcohol rather than abusing it and getting out of control.

Take Adequate Sleep


A good amount of sleep helps to detox the brain as well as the body. When you have a night of quality sleep, the body and the brain recharge itself for the next day and remove the waste products that have been accumulating throughout the day.

You can know from the fact that one of the waste product is a beta-amyloid protein which is the main cause in Alzheimer. When you deprive yourself of the sleep then many other health issues accumulate and give rise to a new disease.

What is adequate sleep?

Poor or low quality sleep affects mental and physical health. Without it, the body does not get proper time to rejuvenate. So an eight hours sleep is good for the body. Although this sleep period varies with the age as well as people. But an average of eight hours sleep is sufficient for the body.

If you are not able to take care of your sleep or you are not able to sleep at night due to various lifestyle changes or you are late from work, try doing meditation and sleep exercise so that you fall asleep early.

So in order to rejuvenate yourself and reduce toxins in your body take a good night sleep.

More Water Intake


Water helps in performing natural kidney cleanse mechanism. Other than quenching the thirst water helps in everybody mechanisms whether it is the removal of waste products, absorption of nutrients in the body, helping digestion, lubrication of joints and many other minute factors taken into consideration.

As we all know that the body is composed of more than 70% water. So all the body cells must get a continuous supply of water in order to function them correctly.

How much water should you drink a day?

This question also varies from place to place and from every individual. It also reduces the kidney stones and also helps in maintaining a proper balance of ions and minerals in the body. In order to function properly, a person has to intake more than 2 liters of water or half a gallon.

Some studies also show that you should sip water periodically in about 20 minutes interval even when you are not thirsty.

So drinking more water helps in the reduction of health problems and

Reduce Consumption of Processed Foods


Processed foods are the most unhealthy foods for the body and the root cause of today’s health issues. Sugary and processed foods lead to chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease cancer, diabetes, etc.

These foods hinder with the body’s natural detoxifying process like liver and kidneys. So try to consume foods that cleanse the liver and kidneys and less of junk and fast foods that have a negative impact on liver and body functions.

What are unprocessed foods?

You can switch to healthier foods that detox your body by limiting the number of junk foods. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are the best substitutes to junk food.

Food that contains antioxidants like whole grains, legumes can be consumed. Foods that are unrefined or refined as little as possible before being consumed are unprocessed foods.

Eat Antioxidant Super Foods


The free radicals that are responsible for damage of cells in the body are suppressed by foods that are rich in antioxidants. Our body produces these radicals in order to digest the food. But excessive free radicals are harmful to the body. Substances such as tobacco, poor diet, alcohol produce these radicals in abundance that are not needed by the body.

Excess of free radicals in the body leads to conditions like dementia, heart & liver diseases, asthma and other cancer-causing problems. Always try to get these antioxidants from foods and not from outside supplements excess of which can cause certain diseases.

Which fruit is high in antioxidants?

Antioxidants Foods like Pecans, strawberries, Goji Berries, Kale, Raspberries, Banana, nuts, cocoa, coffee, green tea, etc are foods that are rich in antioxidants. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A, C, E selenium, zeaxanthin are also rich in antioxidants.

So these types of antioxidants help to reduce damage in the body thus enhancing the detoxification process.

Eat High Prebiotic Foods


A gut cleanse is most important when it comes to detoxification methods. Gut helps in keeping the detoxification system healthy. The cells that are present in the intestinal walls protect the gut from the harmful toxins and chemicals.

Prebiotic and probiotics are two different topics in the field of nutrition. Where probiotics are the good bacteria that are present in the gut and prebiotic is the food for probiotics.  Balance of both the system is essential for the immune system failing which can result in the risk of disease and inflammation.

How can I increase good bacteria in my gut?

We often see bacteria as a bad omen. But it is not so in case of the stomach. bacteria play an equal role in keeping the stomach in a perfect condition.

To increase good bacteria you must eat green leafy plant-based food. Fibers that are present in fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, wholegrains feed healthy bacteria.

Foods like yogurt, extra-virgin olive oil, artichokes, asparagus, onion, garlic oats, etc are some of the prebiotics that are helpful for the stomach and gut. It helps to keep the immune system healthy and hence enhancing the detoxification process.

Take a low salt diet


A low salt diet or a low sodium diet is considered when a person does not intake more than 2000mg of sodium per day. The minimum daily requirement of salt in the body is only 500mg. Excessive salt in the body causes the body to retain excess fluid.

It may sound absurd to reduce the water intake but when you take an excess of salt and less of water, your body produces an antidiuretic hormone which prevents the excretory system from producing urine and hence prevents detoxification of the body.

So it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumption and reduce the antidiuretic hormone and increases the urination so more and more waste products are eliminated from the body.

What can you eat on a low sodium diet?

Yes, sodium is equally important for body processes such as mental health. Foods like eggs, vegetables contain a lot more amount of sodium. Functions like cellular function, regulation of fluids in the body, electrolyte balance and blood pressure is maintained by sodium diet. But sometimes a low sodium diet is also good for the body.

Whole foods like poultry, animal-based foods, meat and dairy products are low in sodium. If you take excess sodium that it can lead to circumstances like Kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease.

Foods like fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits, starch, fish, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, dried beans, brown rice, faro, sweet potatoes, pork, whole eggs, etc are some of the low salt foods that you can enjoy.

Do Regular Exercise


A regular exercise is always considered a good detoxification method for the body. Whatever is your weight, to live longer and increase muscle strength. Exercise helps in delivering the adequate amount of oxygen to all cells of the body. It also helps to improve the lungs and cardiovascular system.

Exercise also helps in reducing inflammation and heling the detoxification system. A recommended half an hour of exercise is recommended for every individual to stay healthy.

How Exercise helps your body?

You can always hit a gym for the exercise but you can also do it at home by just a brisk walking and running in the park. Exercise helps to look better as you burn more calories and your muscles stay fit and healthy. It helps in losing weight and reduces the aging process.

Do Regular Yoga


If doing exercise daily is not your cup of tea, doing yoga should. No other program or exercise is as enduring as yoga. IT also helps in toning of muscles and doing body workout. Yoga is a combination of a series of fast-paced and intense and other slow process mind and body workout mechanisms.

More than 100 yoga practices are known in the world including practices like Hatha, vinyasa, Astanga, Bikram, Iyengar, and tons of other yogic practices. A whole lot of book can be written on yoga.

What yoga class is best for beginners?

There are 5 most popular yoga practices that can be done by beginners. It is also extremely important to do yoga under specific guidance. Some practice are essential to be done under the guidance of someone.

Some yoga practices for the beginners are –

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga

No need to take Tension, Reduce Stress & Anxiety


This is the most common activity that people are involved in. Every other person you meet in the city is full of tension. Do not try to become one of them. Doing meditation daily reduces tension and stress a lot and you can feel energized again after doing meditation.

Meditation is important for the health of the mind. If possible you can always take supplements but under the supervision of a doctor.

How do you relieve stress and anxiety?

Stress if not treated can lead to depression. It is the state where a person feels lonely and sad all the time. His regular and daily activities are hindered and can also lead to death. In order to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety, you must follow these points.

  • Take time to practice yoga and meet your dear ones with whom you are most comfortable with.
  • No need to keep any secrets inside you and share all with your loved one.
  • Accept that all is in your mind and you can control anything you want.
  • Volunteer for daily social activities and talk with everyone with care.
  • Help everyone.
  • Do your best.
  • Follow all the above points.


These were the 10 best detoxification methods to be followed to improve your health. As discussed earlier you need to get a 3 day cleanse diet or follow some other medical help and tips as above. Stay hydrated every time and be happy and satisfied with what you have. Yes, there are more methods for the detoxification process and we will try to cover all of those in the coming articles. Till then stay healthy because health makes everything possible.

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