DEPRESSION: End Such Stigma Now

DEPRESSION End Such Stigma
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Depression is a word that we misuse unknowingly so many times.  But the sad part is that this topic comes in highlights only when a celebrity become a victim of this serious issue.  We thoroughly take a part in events like #talk to your loved ones , #i am one call away etc . But why we react like oh bro, you are just overthinking, grow up man this is not a big deal , your problem is nothing, Or be a man how can you even cry ! When person really wants to share his/her personal issues. Do you even know depression is one of the leading cause of death in young children? 

What depression feels like? 

“Depression is a state of mental illness in which you may feel very low. May be you will feel deep or long-lasting feeling of sadness and despair. Yes depression is a real issue. May be some one who is ignoring his call, avoiding to attend party and not focusing on his/ her work like he/she was before. May be he /she is trying to giving you short message that he /she is not okay . Don’t judge them too quickly stop talking like:  s/he has so much attitude, S/he don’t wanna change.  Avoid such saying like we all face this type of problem, your problem is not so big , you are so careless for your work , your attitude is your problem etc etc. 

In Depression person may lose their interest in the things he/she usually love to do. So many changes in thinking and behavior pattern may be found. 

In so many cases person may react in normal way in stressful situation like they may not react in anger or frustrated in stress provoking situation they may experience depression at some point of their life . 

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Role of family 

I can understand that this topic is not new. But at the same time it is new because of so many stigma is prevailing associated with it. It’s okay to having problem to understand about Mental illness. This is not our fault neither our elders. We can’t blame to our elders, that they did not provide sufficient knowledge about why mental health is necessary. Because they had grown up in different society.  And spent more than half of their life was totally different. Now rather than blaming them, this is our duty to enhance our knowledge in the field of mental health. This is because, now the scenario have totally changed and awareness about mental health should be in our priority list .

What Should A Family Do ?

As a parents and family member you can’t deny the fact that providing a support and care/love to your loved one is your first responsibility. Our family plays very important role in our life . It is like backbone of our life. When a person is going through the condition like depression and any mental health issue, the support of the family is the very first source that can help the person.  It can make process of treatment easy and smooth .

Care taker should allow to the child to open up about their emotions. Make sure that when child trying to sharing you something care taker should listening to them. Father and mother both should take equal responsibility to take care of child growth both mental and physical health.

Just in case you are single parents not able to listen them because you have lots in your plate like, you are working on project’s deadline and you have to submit it.  When you feeling mood swings and having some major issues with your physical/mental health, your day was good enough . Tell them very politely that we will continue this talk after some time and give them proper reason . It can helps you to create a great bond and make sure that later you must talk about the topic. 

Sign and symptoms 

We may read about depression in so many social media platforms and might so many of us find the topic interesting and did little more research about the topic.  So many times we find that in our life at a point some symptoms we have also experienced.  But before jumping any conclusion remember that we can experience all the emotions according to the situation for a while and it’s totally normal. But when you feel that these symptoms are constantly triggering you affecting your quality of life so yes this is your wake-up call. Here are some sign and symptoms 

1 – person may loss of interest in activities he /she may loves to do 

2- low mood 

3- Deep and long lasting feeling of sadness 

4- despair 

5- sudden changes in social behavior 

6- poor physical health 

7- feeling of aversion, regret and hopelessness, helplessness, guilt 

8- changes in eating or sleeping pattern 

9- talk about suicide 

10 – withdrawal in social activities 

11- suddenly increasing in drugs and alcohol use 

12- person can smile every day and none of it is real 

13- person can cry anytime without any reason 

Cause of depression 

What is exactly reason behind the depression is unknown. All humans have different personalities, characteristics, body structure and , body functioning process but here are some cause that can provoke to depression . 

1- Stress full life events like *Death of dearest one * Loosing a job *Loss in business *Breakups in romantic relationship * Childhood trauma *Emotional abuse *Sexual harassment 

2 – Genetic cause History of family play important role in any mental illness. Problem like depression can be transfer from family. 

3 – biochemical and hormonal imbalance Physical and mental health are interconnected with each other . When a person faced situation like depression , stress and anxiety. Brain also respond and chemical changes happened . This whole process affects person’s memory and cognitive area. Hormonal imbalance can also be a reason for depression like during and after pregnancy woman’s may face so many hormonal changes. During this time chance of depression may be very high . 

How can you help ? 

Kindness won’t cure mental illness, it won’t cure depression. But I know on several occasions where kindness has saved my life; where kindness has given me hope that world is not so bad place to live. Kindness ease the pain. It saves people’s life. 

Be kind to yourself first then others. Here are some point that can helps to the person *Support them *Try not to compare with others situation *Just listen to them rather than giving any advice *Stay away from harmful weapons *Instead of giving advice to do physical workout give them your company *Don’t force them to do something productive *Try to manage their eating or sleeping patterns with them . 

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