Cyber bullying: Demons Behind Internet

Cyber bullying Demons Behind Internet
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In the journey of evolution, human had experienced so many challenges with the respect to the lifestyle, culture norms, earnings, learning , and health care. No doubt that human species is more powerful and flexible than any other living beings. So we invented many amazing things to make our life easier and more organized. But everything has its own advantages or disadvantages. In the process of development we may have lost so many precious things that we received from nature but we have achieved the greatest power in human history. Internet is one of them. Now with a one click, we can talk and see the person anywhere, anytime. Even we can share our opinion to anyone in the world through it.  What a power ! You must have heard that a great power comes with a great responsibility. This is also true with internet. But are we really using this great power with responsibility. I think a big “NO”. Cyber bullying is a new phenomena that has born with the advent of social media. It is one of the biggest cause behind depression, suicides, and many mental illness. 

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Social media and Cyber bullying

Nowadays we are more dependent on electronic things for our day to day tasks as if it is our new essentials. In the  human development process, we have also seen dynamic changes in the way of communication.

Today we have so many options to communicate with each other as per our convenience. Social media plays a major role in our life. In fact it is a virtual life we are living. We especially youth, spend so much time in social media.

Time Of Social Media:

Social media is very helpful to convey our message to many people from the comfort of our home at one click. Today most of us are looking forward to pursue as  a content creator which  is pretty  good. Because of the social media you can easily reach out to so many people. But every coin has two sides.

As we can reach so many people with the help of social media, it means so many people can communicate with us text us ( it may be good /it may be vulgar). So many people can show up with their opinion (wanted/unwanted) . People, these days are facing a series issues like “cyber bullyingin a huge amount.

It can affect person’s mental health . Male or female both can be victim of this serious issue. So let’s talk about what  cyber bullying is and how  it can affect our mental health and our life style.

What Is Bullying ?

 Before switching to cyber bullying let’s know about bullying. Bullying is an act of aggressive or unwanted repetitive behavior that could be physical or verbally. It is an act to make fun of targeted individual or intensely physical harm him. Pressurize for unwanted act, threats of harm or rape, and humiliating as well as making fun of someone’s physical appearance. 

Cyber bullying

Nowadays, almost every person  who are having different opinion than most of people, face cyber bullying also. As we all are aware of social media and its importance in our life. Usually here we share our life events, thoughts through writing and creative contents. 

Social media gives us high engagement or audience for our business as well as our thoughts. But every coin has two  sides, it has also.  We engage with so many people throughout social media so the chances become so high to make people comment or message their opinion easily right? The comments may be good or bad, it may be so offensive that can demotivate you to do more work. 

Cyber bullying and mental health 

Worst part is that we can not set proper boundaries in social media. Many times we fail to tell them that they have no right to enter in personal space.  This process can arise frustration, anger, and self doubt. Many times we can’t express   the situation to our dearest. And Our negative emotions get suppressed that can create so many problems in individuals life. Person who suffer from cyber bullying can experience psychological problems.  That can affect their day to day life and work.

Person may feel worthless or start believing that they are not good enough.  They may start self hate  , self doubt s/he may suffer from anxiety issues.  Some of them may start panicking in public places,experience depression person, and may  suffer from PTSD ( post traumatic syndrome ). One may lose interest in social gathering. Maybe loose interest for work that he usually loves to do.

 Reality check 

In the current time we don’t  have  strong safety standards for cyber bullying. We can’t do much more for this issue. People are getting  more comfortable in hiding behind their keyboard. And typing shit about people without getting a punch for it. Person who  is bullying to another person can hide his identity. So we are unable to report them. Somehow if we have managed to do so, the process is so lengthy and complicated that we lose our patience. 

 What can we do to raise our voices against cyber bullying?  We all should be aware  and educated about the  cyber bullying and its impact . Talk with public or request friends to report the person ‘s account. Help the  person who is going through the cyber bullying  and give them emotional support. Now parents have to understand that today children has very different surrounding. And their struggle are so different from them. Start talking to your child on this topic. And stop blaming them about the situation because they are not responsible of that. 

 Stories of super heroes 

Here I am sharing stories of my friends who are brave enough to fight against the cyber bulling or trolling. Sometimes, we have no Idea about a smiling  face hiding so much of pain. I literally got Goosebumps when they  were sharing their stories. But I am proud of them because they dealt with such situation very bravely. Hope their experiences can be helpful to someone who is also going through the similar  situation or time.

Story 1

A girl who belongs to a small village. She is a dreamer, enthusiastic and hard working person. And a very talented poet. She sums up her experience in a poetry. Interesting things is that she is Gharwali poet. 

On a random day a random boy messaged her and appreciated her work. She talked with him very politely. But after some days a boy  started showing his true color and insisted to meet. She denied politely  but boy got more arrogant and started using abusive language. Even he threatened her to kill. She took an immediate action and complained to police as she has his number.  Police  easily reached to him. After a legal action he confessed that he did that and never do such thing in future. 

Story 2  

Another girl belongs to a middle class family. She believes in humanity and try to spread love with her content creating skills. With her make-up kit and recreating dressing style, she is creating magic. She got so many appreciation texts regarding  her work but sometimes she also got message that can be painful for anyone.

The abusive language is a weapon of these haters.  He used it against her even she doesn’t know the person and never talked with him  before. She got frustrated, angry and talked about this situation with her close friend. They tried to complain but lacking of the proper identity, they were unable to do anything. But she requested to all friends to report the person ‘s I’d. She faced the same scenario twice.  


Like them there are many heroes who have come out of the mental illness due to cyber bullying. I salute them. Life is never easy. The only fair thing about life is that it is unfair to everyone. So why be so hard on each other when you can be kind and gentle to others. Nobody has easy getting in his life. May be these act of trolling or cyber bullying is nothing more than frustration because life is hard on them. but who is not suffering. So it is better to threat somebody behind the screen, lets learn to appreciate each other. 


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