Coronavirus symptoms : All Things To Know About COVID-19

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What is Coronavirus? 

Coronavirus is a family of viruses. This family contains numerous kinds. Early two types of coronavirus symptoms have also affected humans in the past. Recently the active kind is Noval Corona virus. It is an RNA virus and its nature is the animal host. But it has made its way into the human body. So unluckily our immune system doesn’t recognize it and thus seems non responding. 

Considering the microbiological specifications of the virus, it is a macro virus. The only positive characteristic of corona-virus. I am mentioning it as a positive as being macro in size it can not cross the barriers of your face masks.

The pathway of the virus is so understanding that it enters your nasal and oral cavity and then reaches to your windpipe, trachea, it lays there in your throat for four days and then eventually spread over your pleura cavities and thorax. It affects your lungs and malfunctioning of respiratory organs begins. The person dies away in a few hours after the virus has been replicated multiple times in your respiratory system. 

The virus is not life-threatening until it is in its incubation period that varies from 2 days to 14 days. Once it is exposed to the respiratory tract, then there is no way back. Because treatment is yet to be discovered. Only mild to moderate symptoms are treatable. The person with low immunity levels is more vulnerable to the virus.

How Virus is Transmitted?

When early cases of the virus were reported, there was no evidence of their transmission from one human to another human. The nature of virus RNA is not human, it is an animal RNA. The virus is transmitted from animals to humans. Virus is spreading mainly when human bodies come in contact. Even a handshake can risk your life. There is only one case reported till now; a woman was a coronavirus symptoms positive, and she had a dog, she spent time with him, and the dog also got sick. There is no other evidence that viruses can spread from humans to animals. All the precautionary measures designed by experts are based on research about the mode of transmission. It can be transmitted through droplets and contact. Airborne precautions are asked to be followed but no evidence yet found. 

Coronavirus symptoms in humans: How do I know if I am a corona victim? 

Biologists have made research and revealed some specific symptoms of corona virus. Checking after the coronavirus signs and symptoms can help an individual to know whether he is affected or not. You can notice symptoms of coronavirus day by day after the incubation period ends. Below I have described the symptoms that appear right after the incubation period ends. Do consider your Health if you are facing the same;

Day 1

  • Flu
  •  Sore throat 

Day 2

  • Flu 
  • Sore throat 

Day 3

  • Flu 
  • Sore throat 

Day 4 

  • Sore throat
  • Body ache (ache as an addict person experience)
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea 

Day 5 

  • Sore throat, 
  • Temperature 36,37 
  • joint pains 

Day 6 

  • Fever 
  • pain in fingers
  • vomiting
  • sore throat dry cough 

Day 7 

  • Cough
  • High fever
  • severe headache
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting 

Day 8 

  • Joint pain,
  • high fever
  • chest congestion 

Day 9 

  • Condition worsen
  • Symptoms severity increases 
  • heavy cough

Generally, symptoms that are yet noted are fever, cough, breathing issues and flu. Runny nose or simply we call it flu is yet common. Nausea is experienced after day 4. The most common is sore throat, but it is also witnessed that many people are not corona affected. Juniors and adults are more susceptible to this virus. As per researches published, coronavirus symptoms in babies are more severe than coronavirus symptoms in children. Coronavirus symptoms stomach is not yet described. It is published that drinking excess water washes away the virus into the stomach, where Acid destroys the virus completely. 

Coronavirus Symptoms vs Flu 

Argument on coronavirus vs flu is also on the board. Doctors are mentioning the characteristics that are helpful in the differential diagnosis. When the season changes, people do get ill because of several environmental factors. Flu is a common occurrence. Nowadays, where the corona is most common among all other diseases, seasonal flu is too recorded. Due to a lack of knowledge somewhere it is being confused with the flu. Due to the flu, people do have sore throats and fever. 

So, no one needs to panic. Not every person suffering from flu is a coronavirus victim. Stay relaxed. But be cautioned. 

Corona-virus Symptoms vs Allergies 

Allergies are of many kinds. Each type has its specific symptoms. Many allergies symptoms include respiratory tract infections. Any allergy can be mismatched with corona virus cases. But on the basis of differential diagnosis, one can differ among suspected cases. Don’t treat until you are sure about your diagnosis. It can put patients’ lives at risk. Click here if you are looking for the treatment and precaution of Coronavirus signs and symptoms.  


Corona virus is not human friendly. So no need to be its host and save yourself as much as you can, otherwise it will be all in all a loss for you and your nearby people.

It is after a long time that life has become endangered for the life of all Human beings. What if the earth hurried all dead bodies and just a few creatures remained. Those creatures will too soon die because the ecosystem has such cyclical relationships. 

A deadly warning for life on Earth. But surprisingly we can’t fly onto Mars to flee our bodies from dreadful coronavirus. Doctors are on the front row just for your health concerns. And even the doctors are now suffering it too. The pandemic will soon be over only if you take it seriously. 


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