Nine Corona  Myths Vs Reality That Can Help You

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To look at corona myths vs reality is very much needed as of now. When we first heard about the corona, people laughed at it. No one cared, Life was on the sat as it was meant to be. If somewhere it took a breath, it was Wuhan stop. Life was tired Yeah! Life gets tired. Hearts lost their efficiency to supply life – brains resigned. And the reason behind this was nothing but our soul’s selfishness. The bodies cried, that don’t us to air – neither to other humans. Those who turned a deaf ear for the sake of their entertainment, are now in the loss. 

The air smells grumpy. In fear of death, people are doubting their surroundings. Myth clouds are endangering the healthy mental atmosphere. That is not good! People should be of false declarations. This article covers all the myths and related truths. Have a look at corona myths vs reality we are surrounding with.  This will helpful to the understand the prevention and treatment of coronavirus.

Corona myths vs reality 1

Myth # 1

Spraying Alcohol or Chlorine Will Kill Coronavirus 


After the people heard about the disinfectant properties of alcohol and chlorine, they are talking selfishly. Alcohol or chlorine body sprays can not prevent coronavirus inside the body. They can harm your eyes or mouth. They are just helpful in disinfecting the surfaces, not the human bodies.

Corona myths vs reality 2

Myth # 2 

Colder or hotter weather will kill the Coronavirus


Coronavirus is not kill able either by colder or hotter weather. Normal human body temperature is 37°C irrespective of the surrounding environment. The only way to prevent corona is to use alcohol-based rub to wash hands. 

Corona myths vs reality 3

Myth # 3

5G Mobile Networks Spread Coronavirus 


People have recently destroyed 5G towers. They consider it the cause of COVID-19 spread. But actually, it is not. Viruses are dead organisms. They live on the host body. The medium of corona spread is contact, droplet or air. How is it logical to comment that viruses traveled through radio waves and signals. The virus can spread if you encounter contact with contaminated surfaces. 

COVID-19 myths vs reality 4

Myth # 4 

Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Will Kill the Coronavirus


People must avoid using ultraviolet disinfection lamp to sterilize their hands. It is because UV rays can cause damage to your skin. It is not an appropriate way to clean hands. The proper way is to use a sanitizer or to wash hands with soap. 

Coronavirus myth vs reality 5

Myth # 5 

Pneumonia vaccines can protect us against Coronavirus


Pneumonia can be caused if coronavirus infection is severe. But it does not mean that pneumonia vaccines like pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenza Type B (Hib) vaccine can protect you against coronavirus. 

Coronavirus requires its own vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies around the world are working on the vaccine. Recently, doctors are using malaria medicines to treat corona.

Although the said vaccines are not effective against COVID-19, vaccination against respiratory illnesses is significantly prescribed to protect health.

Coronavirus myths vs reality 6

Myth # 6 

Hot Baths can help Prevent Coronavirus 


It is not evident from any research that taking a hot bath can prevent coronavirus. It is because of your optimum body temperature I e. 37°C, will not be affected by shower temp. 

It would be extremely harmful for you to take a hot bath. Possibilities encompasses burnt skin. You can get rid of virus bodies by cleaning your hands. It is the safest way. Because if your hands are contaminated, then when you touch your face, you will get the infection. Wear masks. 

Corona myth vs reality 7

Myth # 7 

Consuming More Garlic can Prevent Infection with Coronavirus 


Garlic occupies antimicrobial properties. But researches showed no evidence that they are effective in the prevention of corona or not. Well, Immunity needs to be strengthened. You must consume foods that boost Immunity. But it will not prevent the infection. Boosting your immunity will be able to deal with the symptoms but not the corona. 

Be careful while going outside, maintain social distancing. Eat healthy, exercise daily and avoid stress. Quarantine would not trouble you then. 

Coronavirus myth vs reality 8

Myth # 8

If you drink lemon water, it will increase vitamin C level and prevent corona


Consuming Vitamin C can not help you against corona or cancer. Our body can naturally combat the infections. Because it has a natural defense system against diseases. Increased Vitamin C levels boost immunity. But researchers have proven that it will not help to prevent corona. It has no medical evidence. It is a medical misinformation and should be avoided. 

Prevention of corona is only possible when precautions will be followed. Washing hands and using sanitizers could help you in actual. 

Coronavirus myth vs reality 9

Myth # 9

If we manage enough exposure to sunlight and drink only warm water, we can prevent corona. Heating to 26-27°C will also help us avoid corona.


Environmental conditions could not help you prevent corona. Corona dies away on surfaces after limited time it is exposed in the air. But if it gets its way to your body. You can get aid from the environment then. UNICEF published this information but they also, later on, declared it a supposition. They refuted these false claims. 

Corona is preventable, but once it does not get inside you. When it is there in your respiratory tract, it could be treated if symptoms are mild. Severe symptoms could lead to death. 


Doubtlessly, the corona is our enemy. We are breathing hard. But we should not consider misinformation. These are just useless and can even hurt our bodies more. Search for the authentic resources and listen to them. Corona myths vs reality is our a small effort to help us and you.  Going through random discussions are pointless. People who smelled the above myths, and considered them bad fragrance, are in peace. Those who enjoyed the aroma are crying over their stupidity. 

Stay updated. Follow the guidelines provided to you by your local health centers or by WHO. They are reliable and will work for you.

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