Break-up: Solution for Toxic Relationship

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We, all have our own definition for love or for a perfect relationship. What a beautiful feeling is: when you are blessed with a partner who understand your emotions, respect your dreams , job, believe in equal partnership, respect your parents, and helps you to take a right decision.

Break-ups and Depression:

No matter what he always believe in you. And if it is, he/she is good for your mental health. Think just a complete opposite of that. If unfortunately you fall in love with a person who don’t understand the importance of relationship. You give your 100% because to better it. You believe that one day every thing is going to change and everything will be fine. Nothing happens. What to do now?
Sometimes, it is necessary to move on from a toxic relationship. That is not easy but you have no idea how important, it is for your healthy life style. Not only common person but celebrities also face this type of situation often.

Relationship and Depression:

We all know about Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor affair. Do you know, problems Deepika faced when they broke up with each other?
She faced major mental health issue after break up . Sad part is that she really didn’t Know what was wrong with her. She had no idea that she was facing depression .

In an interview: interviewer asked her about her terrifying moment. What she said?
“There was no motivation for waking-up, I was feeling aimless, and she cried in alone. Her behavior , sleeping pattern, eating pattern all suddenly changed . She used to avoid public gatherings, in this period she wanted to share her  feelings but she really didn’t know how to speak about this .

When she started talking about the feeling, most of the response was “you are super Star now. How can you feel like this when your career is on the peak? Relax, this is only for few moments. Everything will be just fine.”
She had no idea what to do? She wanted to take help but really didn’t know from who? At last, she decided to counsel from therapist.

Most of the people avoid therapist to say why? Everyone will be laugh at you. People will judge you.
She ignored all this type of comment. And realized that how many people were facing this type of situation, but lack of knowledge they can’t find the solution. She decided to aware about the mental health  and started talking about importance of mental health.

YouTube sensation:  Komal Pandey

In second example I mention a girl who is YouTube sensation now Komal Pandey .
Today, we all know that she is a very successful YouTuber. But when she was facing her struggling time, she broke-up with her boyfriend. This was very horrified moment for her.

In the stage she got a very tough life-lesson. She faced depression in this period but she decided to move on from all the bullshit.

Sometimes you have to take hard decision for your mental health or self growth . Today we all know her name by her talent. We all appreciate her fabulous work.
Sometimes it is better to move on from a person who is toxic for you, just for your betterment.

What we can do to make our relationship stronger ?

No person or relationship is perfect. We all are human beings. We all have our own attitude towards things. But if we really want a healthy relationship we have to focus on some key points.


Communication can make things easy. So, communicate with each other when you think situation is little out of control. Share your thoughts with each other. With the help of communication you can understand each other’s thought process.

Communication is a better way to make a strong relationship. We, all face ups and downs in relationship but a healthy communication makes conflict puff.

A relationship is not about only Me. Both of you need to understand that and communication helps you to connect with each other. You have to do such little- little things to make relationship stronger.

  1. Avoid phone and other distracting things while spending quality of time with each other.
  2. Clear, your thoughts what you want to say.
  3. Avoid serious communication in messages.
  4. Be honest about your point.Listen carefully to your beloved ones.
  5.  Give comfortable environment to talk.
  6. Beware about your tone. It matters a lot.
  7. If you both are working person, make sure you have to manage your time with your partner.

Travel together /make memories

Whenever you get a chance, plan a trip with your partner. It helps you to spend time with each other. Don’t miss the chance to make beautiful memories. It helps to develop a great understanding as well as bonding. Travelling helps to know about each-other’s like or dislike.

Be opened & be honest

This is the basic steps to build a great relationship. Open up about your opinion and be loyal in your relationship. Don’t feel shy to say no if you really don’t agree with your partner. Give a logical reason behind your disagreement. Respect each other. Listen to each other. Trust in your partner.

It’s your duty to realize feelings of your partner.  Little -little steps can make your boning strong or beautiful.

Don’t forgot to acknowledge your love

Don’t forget to show your love to your partner. Little -little things like making coffee, helping in kitchen, going for shopping, going for a drive, going for a walk together, a romantic candlelight dinner, or spending a quality of time together. These are the ingredients for cooking love in your relationship.
Balance sex life and romantic touch. Never stop flirting with each-other. This is very important and helpful part to make a relationship stronger.

Sometimes, in relationship, we lose the spark. Bound sex is not the only way. We can do some sweet things like holding hands, hugging, or cuddling .

Why breakup is necessary in toxic relationship?

Yea, sometimes we have to take a hard decision for ourselves or for our mental health. This is not your mistake that next person is not loyal to you. It’s OK, if you face breakup. Sometimes, life gives you a lesson for your betterment.

I can understand, this is not easy to move on because our feelings, emotions and many beautiful memories are bonded to him/her.

You find that next person does not deserve you. Your relationship is not working. Relationship effects your mental health or work. If you feel any of these, my darling, it is a right time to break-up with the toxic relationship.

Always remember: you deserve a partner who helps you in your personality growth not eating-up your growth. So, Choose wisely .

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