Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Disability or Different Ability

Autism Spectrum Disorder A disability or different ability
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Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disability or a different ability. What is your take on it? As a phycology student, I will help you to take your decision. Many of you have several questions like What is Autism? Obviously. We have seen so many examples in our society but don’t know this term. As a society, we used to define it as “God’s wish”. Actually, it is God’s wish but in a positive manner. How?

Autism Spectrum Disorder Stories

Allow me to share some wonderful and inspiring stories.

Pranav Bakshi:

Just 19 years old model is making news headline with all inspiring reasons. “Pranav Bakshi”, a Delhi boy is walking on the ramp with his own fashion labels. People who know autism, are surprised to see Pranav doing a professional and smooth catwalk on the ramp. Pranav has 40 percent disability and suffers from anxiety and echolalia. But he says Autism is my super-power.

Isaac Newton: 

Surprised! Yes, The same person who gave the principle of Gravity. He is quite focused on his work and having fewer friends so Newton is thought to have Autism. Many other reasons like to teach in the empty class proves that he is suffering from autism. This example of autism spectrum disorder in adults, says that even adult is not untouched with autism.

Matt Savage:

Mattis is a music savant. He tours the world to perform is also an autistic patient. He has an interesting story. In his childhood, he doesn’t like any kind of noise or music. But later he taught himself piano music.

These are some examples from different walks of life. Now tell me What is your take on Autism. Oh! You didn’t get autism yet. I will explain it to you.


Some common people’s uncommon victory stories:

It is a story of Akshat, her mother’s Ritu Rassay and their fight against Autism. Assume if your beloved one is not talking to you because of any reason how do you feel? Bad off course.

But if your beloved one is not talking to anyone and not having eye contact while talking. And don’t have any idea what would be the reason. How will you feel? I think that you would have a sense of guilt.

Somehow you get to know that the silence of your beloved one is because of Autism spectrum disorder. Now you will drown deep into guilt: what kind of mother you are, even can’t guess the real problem behind this painful silence.

She had to look for the many treatments of Autism a lot. Eventually got the one. She took treatment with her son for three months and observe the experience. Experience changes two lives after three years. My son who is now responding better. And mine who has a different way of seeing things in life.

What is Autism:

Autism is basically a neurological disorder which hampers children’s social as well as personal skills and development.

A person with Autism spectrum disorder has very poor social communication and interaction skills. One fails to respond to one’s name and has poor eye contact and facial expressions, abnormal tone, and rhythm. It is also called developmental disorder Because of symptoms of ASD.  Generally, we can observe it in the first two years of life.

What is your take on Autism:

Some kind of miracle happens when you start believing in yourself when your parents, family and surrounding support you. Not any physical and mental illness can stop you, and you become an inspiration for many people.

Support or acceptance from family can make any kind of problem very easy, they help you to make your attitude towards how to deal with the situation and your attitude matter allot.

This Support or acceptance are beneficial to an ordinary person but for an Autistic person, it will be life-changing support. Now tell me what is your take on Autism?

A fighter is always a fighter:

We told you about “Pranav”. Yes, he is a fighter but this is not about him. It is about his parents.

When he was two years old, his parents found something different in his behavior pattern.  They immediately consulted with a counselor.  And found that PRANAV is suffering from autism.

In this type of cases, if parents, family, and society are not supporting,  your problem may become more complicated.
Calm down and think about how we can solve this situation. What we can do the best in this situation.

Today, we have many options and therapy to cure mental illness or physical problem. A good decision, good guidance, and a positive attitude can change a complete scenario. Believe me, seeking help for mental health is just like seeking help for physical injury.

If you feel someone needs help for his mental illness, help him. Please don’t feel ashamed off going and talking to him first.

If you are suffering from the condition, share your feelings with someone who you think can understand your situation.

Maybe he is your father, mother, siblings, a Best friend or any other. Shy away is not any solution.

Don’t feel guilty either, it is not your mistake and you are not responsible for that. But this is your duty to find out a solution.

The autism spectrum disorder checklist:

If we are not educated or aware of the mental health we can’t take it seriously. So the first step is awareness if we really want some positive effect. So here are some key points about autism spectrum disorder dsm.

The autism spectrum disorder symptoms:

  1. Difficulty in responding to your own name.
  2. Prefer playing alone and Repetitive behavior.
  3. Delays in speech and Problem while speaking.
  4. Unable to express feelings and emotions.
  5. Lack of facial expressions and poor eye contact.
  6. Feels difficulty understanding simple questions/directions.
  7. Can’t understand others’ emotions or feelings.
  8. Not aware of the situation when any person talks to him.
  9. They don’t know how to play, talk or coordinate with others.
  10. Not ready for the change

Cause of Autism spectrum disorder

  1. Genes/hereditary
  2. Interaction between genes and the environment.
  3. Other biological causes

Types of Autism spectrum disorder

  1. Autistic disorder
  2. Asperger’s disorder
  3. Childhood disintegrative
  4. PDD -nos ( pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified)
Autistic disorder

Autistic disorder Indicates a problem with social interaction, communication and imaginative play in children younger than 3years.

Asperger’s disorder

  • Very intelligent possibly.
  • Able to handle day today’s life.
  • S/he has a much harder time socially.
  • Extra-ordinary focus on a favorite topic
  • Difficulty in non-verbal communication

Childhood disintegrative disorder

In this case, children grow normally. But suddenly they lose many social, language and mental skill usually between 2-4 years.

PDD-nos a pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified

Also called atypical autism. In the PDD-NOS person only meet a few criteria of Autism. It is used for someone who has some but not all characteristics of autism. They love to make friends but they don’t know how?

Yes, I can understand this is a little tough to accept things. But we have no choice. Today we have many options for autism spectrum disorder test.
* Social skill training
• Cognitive-behavioral therapy
@Physical therapy
+Speech therapy

Now tell me your take on Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a society, will we fail to be humane? or will see the new ray of hope in the life of autistic patients. It’s your call. If these articles on autism spectrum disorder help you in autism spectrum disorder treatments, please let us know.


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