Anxiety Disorder: Uninstall It Right Now

Anxiety Disorder
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Feeling anxious about our very important exam , interview and in many especial moments in life. It is quite normal. Problem starts when it becomes part of our day to day life.
In the anxiety disorder, person feels fear, worries at extreme level, constantly.  However it is normal to experience anxiety occasionally, you should not take it for granted. Especially, when it starts effecting your quality of life and day to day activity.

Anxiety Disorder: An Inspirational Story

Anxiety disorder is a common story these days. It is not limited to common people. Even celebrities are suffering from it. Let’s talk about public figures who had fought against anxiety disorder and won. Many of celebrities accept the need of taking help for their mental health. This is  first and foremost thing.

Anushka Sharma: A fighter and winner

We all know Anushka Sharma’s fabulous journey and contribution in film industry. She is fantastic actor, no doubt. Do we know that apart from being a fantastic actor, she fought against anxiety disorder?

We have seen her playing sensible, bold, and inspirational roles in movie with responsibility. She is always  buzzing around the news all for good reasons. Director, actor, entrepreneur, activist tell me what she is not involved with when we say films. But you should know about the other side of her story.

In an interview, Anushkha Sharma accepts that she has been suffering from anxiety disorder. It is an absolutely normal thing and she is under diagnose.
“Yes, I have anxiety issue. And I am treating it. No shame to accept that I am taking medication for my anxiety.

Why I am saying this? Because it is a normal thing completely. It has been a biological history in my family. There have been case of depression too. More and more people should talk openly about it . There is nothing shameful about it and nothing to hide.

If you have severe stomach pain, you  go to doctor generally. It is as simple as that. I want to make my mission to take shame out of this. And I will educate people about it too.

Zayn Malik

Who doesn’t know about eye candy for girls: Zayn Malik

Another inspirational example of the anxiety disorder. He is a very popular singer, a song writer: none other than Zayn Malik. Look What he says?
“Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. It affects millions of people every day .

I know: I have fans out there who have been thinking this kind of things too. For them, I just want to say to be honest to yourself and accept the reality, nothing else.

When I was in one direction , my anxiety issue was huge. As a solo performer, I felt much more exposed to psychological stress. I found it too much to handle, at least for me. I went for diagnosing rather than hiding or sugar coating it. But in the safety net of band, It is at least manageable.”

Anxiety disorder: Symptoms

“ Anxiety disorder indicates a psychiatric disorder that includes extreme or constant level of fear and worry”
Common symptoms in anxiety disorder are:
1. Panic , fear and restlessness

2.Insomnia , oversleeping (sleep problem)
3.Over Hyper , uneasiness Cold , sweaty , numb or tingling hand or feet
4.Shortness of breath
5.Dry mouth
7.Tense muscles

Types of anxiety disorder

(i) Panic disorder
(ii) Generalized anxiety disorder
(iii) Agoraphobia
(iv) Social Anxiety
(v) Selective mutism
(vi) Separation anxiety
(vii) Specific phobia

1- Panic disorder

•1 This is unexpected or repeated episode of fear
•2 Suddenly fear
•3 Rapid heart beat, dizziness
•4 Chest pain
•5 Sweat
•6 Irregular heartbeat

2 generalized anxiety:

In the general anxiety, person worries about the unnecessary things.

Excessive worries about day to day life

Frequent heart palpitation

Unwanted thought

3 Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is an anxiety in which person finds difficulty to face any situation and place. He finds that he will certainly fall into trap here. And he will not get any help. Something very wrong is going to happen with him.

Once Agoraphobia develops, chances of one or two panic attack  increase. In agoraphobia, people may deal with fear of open spaces, feel difficulty in spending time alone, also can lose the control in public.

Person feel helplessness, detachment from others. They also start feeling that there body and environment are not real. Chest pain, discomfort, dizziness, heart-beat palpation, breath shortness, and sweating are common symptoms of it.

4 Social anxiety

Fear of certain social situations, fear of being examined, judged or embarrassed in public. Uncomfortable to meet new people, avoiding public speaking, avoiding stage performance.  Intense worries for days, weeks or even months and the upcoming social events. Discomfort, frequent heart beatings, sweating, dizziness generally happens to them while facing social situations.

5 Selective mutism

In this case, the children are more exposed to experience anxiety. They have difficulty in dealing with every events. Children feel shyness, social anxiety, fear of social embarrassment. That make them to feel social isolation. They feel difficulty to maintain eye contact. Blank expressions, and difficulty to express feeling even to family members are some more signage of it.

6 Separation anxiety

Child feels difficulty to cooperate with peers. He can feel anxiety, worry, fear, shame, helplessness, sadness and anger. The child refuses to go to school. He avoids to take participation in new activity.

Nightmare, refusing to sleep alone are serious symptoms of it. Your child can experience stomachache, dizziness, racing heartbeat, general aches and  breathing-shortness.

7 Specific phobia

Excessive or irrational fear of specific object. That is an unnecessary fear. It happens because you overthink about facing any situation or being present in any place.  There are different types of specific phobia.

a) Situational phobia

b) Natural environment

c) Blood – injection injury

In the specific phobia: A person may feel panic attack, pounding heart, diarrhea, sweating, trembling, shaking, numbness and problem in breathing.

Cause of anxiety disorder

  • Biological factor
  • Environment factor
  • Genes /hereditary

Treatments of anxiety disorder

Today, we have many options to cure mental illness. We need just to be aware of it.

  • Medication – You have to consult with psychiatric. He will give you medication as per your problem.
  • Psychotherapy – This is another option to cure anxiety disorder
  • Cognitive behavioral- In this Technic, therapist works on your thoughts and behavior pattern.  These triggers deep anxiety or panic.

Things to take care of anxiety disorder

x). Balanced site

y). Balanced sleep

z). Exercise , yoga

If you face any mental illness, don’t blame or punish yourself.  It is not your fault. So, Please don’t feel guilty or shame. This may something went wrong in your gens. May be something ]wrong in your environment. Determine yourself, you have to fight for your mental health. And learn where you can seek help for mental health.


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