10 Ways To Boost Immunity

10 ways to boost immunity
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Boosting the immune system is a need of the hour to fight against alien infections or diseases. Our present unhealthy lifestyle has exposed us to harmful pathogens or organism prone diseases by leaving our immune system weak. Immune system is nothing but a collective effort of tissues, enzymes, cells, and other organs to get united for one goal: to protect the body from external attacks of foreign threats. 

Boosting the immune system is not a matter of one night. You have to take small steps to boost your immunity. You can use the immunity booster supplements for this purpose but these supplements can come with various side effects. So it is better to stick to nature. 

Here you will find a daily routine for three months to improve or bolster the immune system. 

    1. Importance of Cleanliness: Consuming healthy foods to boost immunity is not completed until you don’t understand the importance of cleanliness. Because one hand you are improving the immunity and other hand you are inviting the harmful germs if you take cleanliness for granted. Though it is quite impossible to avoid the germs completely, you can do your best to live a hygienic lifestyle.
    2. Get up early and Have Fresh Air: Morning is the best time to conceive the best air, sound, tranquility, and the goodness of nature. If you get up just with a smile, you are helping your immune system unknowingly. Try to laugh more often in a day that is a blessing for your immunity system. 
    3. Drink Warm water: Drinking warm water helps you to keep away from several diseases. But if you drink warm water with lemon, Himalayan salt, mint or apple cider vinegar, you are the best companion for your immunity. 
    4. Exercises: Workout or exercising doesn’t always mean doing gym or intense workout. It also includes yoga, running, walking, stretching which don’t demand great strength or sweat. You can also play to boost your immunity but outdoor games. Keep one thing in mind, you should always keep your body hydrated no matter how busy you are. It is better to include Himalayan salt in your water instead of drinking plain water. 
    5. Tea Time: I think tea is the best morning ritual. For boosting your body’s ability to fight against diseases, you must incorporate tulsi leaves (Holy Basil), pudina leaves (mint), giloy stem (tinospora cordifolia), one elaichi (cardamom), laung (cloves), in boiling water by grinding them. Bru the blend for 10 minutes at a lower temperature.  Now tea is ready after 10 minutes. You can add honey for sweetness. You should consume tea three times a day with a different combination. You can use ginger, black pepper, saunf, and others for evening. You can take one cup before lunch but the combination should be different. Use guava leaves, sadabahar leaves, and others. 
    6. Breakfast: Have sprouts in your breakfast for fibers so nutrients will get absorbed perfectly and transmit those organs which they want most. But before breakfast have a wheat grass juice for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Breakfast should contain all the vitamins, minerals, and other macro nutrients like carbs, protein, and good fats. Try to get good fats from Ghee, nuts, walnuts, Almonds, and others. Eggs are a good source of protein and omega fatty acids which are good for overall health along with better immunity. 
    7. Have fermented food: Fermented foods are a rich source of good bacteria which are called probiotics that help to improve your digestive tract. The fermented foods include natto, yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi that flourish gut bacteria. These are good bacteria which supports your immune system to differentiate between cells and harmful foreign organisms. Along with that stop eating junk foods and reduce your sugar intake.
    8. Avoid stress: Stress is one of the reasons that reduce our immunity, productivity, focus, and expose us to many ailments. Limit your screen timing, take a break between work if your job is sedentary and more focused on screens. Do meditation. Eat citric fruits if you feel stress or dizziness. Quit smoking and alcohol now. Practice deep breathing. 
    9. Night Meal: Your night meal should be at least two hours before you go to the bed. Keep your meal full of fibers, salads, and proteins. Don’t drink much water at night because it can create problems for your meal to get digested properly. Drink milk with turmeric or ashwagandha before going to bed. 
    10. Get An Adequate Sleep: When you are sleeping, your body breaks down foods and extracts nutrients and transmits where these are necessary to strengthen your muscles and tissues. While sleeping many nutrients work to build immunity so that all tissues will collectively fight against foreign attacks. 






These are very basic but important things to keep in mind before jumping on fancy methods to improve the immune system. If you follow these ways with discipline you will definitely see the results in your immunity and activeness in your body. 





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